Venom 3: Tom Hardy Confirms Pre-Production Has Begun

While Spider-Man at the moment is busy in the universe of Marvel movies, it seems that Sony is also doing its own with its own filming, specifically with the character of Venom, and although for now nothing was known about a third of a third
Part, now Tom Hardy himself confirms that he has entered pre-production.
Hardy shared a scene eliminated on Instagram, this clip shows us a scenario outside a hospital, which we see the actor fight with the two temperaments of his, that of Symbiote and Eddie Brock.
That shows that it has good adaptation capabilities with different characters, to that it is added that you have interesting comedy touches.


It is still not known about Venom 3, but it has been confirmed that Kelly Marcel, the screenwriter of the first two films, will assume the role of director.

Marcel will take the baton after Ruben Fleischer and Andy Series.
Tapes that although they are not bad, nor did they give him the recognition he deserves such a unique antihero of the saga.
It is worth mentioning that a third was evident, since in Spider-Man: No Way Home presented a brief journey from the villain to the universe of Marvel films.
Of course, in the end they return it to its place of origin, but its footprint has remained in that world, and after seeing the post credits scene, it seems that La Manchu has an interest in Peter Parker.
The two Venom films are available in streaming services.
Via: IGN
Editor’s note: It is certainly good to know that the adventures of this duo will continue, and hopefully they know some Spider-Man himself.
I would not even bother that it was the version of Andrew Garfield.