Gears of War Returns: New Clues Discovered on Twitter and Microsoft Page

It seems a bit distant the year in which the fifth main delivery of Gears of War came officially, a game that despite having his mistakes, managed to consolidate himself as the favorite of many fans.
Since then there has not been much talk about the following adventure by The Coalition, something that could be about to change soon.
Through social networks, some fans have realized in a message left by Joshua Ortega, who at the time wrote the script of the first two days of Marcus Felix.
Putting in him once again, he has cited one of his own tweets in which he talks about his work with Epic Games by shaping these fiction stories.
For its part, on the official Microsoft website we talk about jobs involved to Gears of War, specifically GamePlay designer is being sought to join the Coalition team.

Petition that does not have much of having added, so the project may not be as advanced as one might think by fans.
Similarly, in the coming months there will be a large Microsoft event, in which we could see the first vestiges of this new installment.


The future of the saga seems to be promising, since not only are games going to arrive, there is also a Netflix film in planning.
Via: Twitter
Editor’s note: It is evident that The Coalition is working with Gears, after all it is time to have another delivery of the franchise.
Although yes, we are more likely to see something until the June event.