Where to Find a Stun Gun and Electric Shock Baton in Sons of the Forest


Both a stun gun and a stun gun in the Kid of the Forest are a weapon, for making use of which batteries are required.
They are rather far from each various other, but they serve the exact same objective in spectacular the opponents so that they can be struck by something more powerful.
Players can really easily use this weapon, preserved and also leaving containers, which can likewise carry batteries.
The stun gun remains in the cave, but the stun gun will be outdoors.
It is here that both electrical shockers can be found in the Child of the Forest.

where to discover a stun weapon in Boys of the Woodland

The stun gun can be found in a cave closest to the beginning of the video game.
The ribs can be found.
Inside there are many mutated enemies that can be stunning at the beginning of the video game, so before passing it is recommended to obtain armor and also medications.
The entry to the cave is marked, so do not bother with how to find the return road.
Being inside, it can be found on the corpse about halfway through the cave.
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Where to find an electrical shock baton in Children of the Forest?

An electrical shock baton lies alongside the 3rd environment-friendly marker, where the 3D printer is located.
Having actually reduced the range using GPS, players can observe this pen simultaneously at two nearby eco-friendly badges at the beginning of the video game.
The baton will certainly be near the entrance to the cave of this pen as well as will be bordered by skulls.
For its use, batteries are needed, as for a stamper surprise, and it deaves only with the assistance of a solid attack of tools.
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