Pokemon Violet DLC: Release Date, Rumors, Story, and Gameplay – Find Out the Hidden Treasure of Area Zero – The Teal Mask and The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero – The Indigo Disk

Are you questioning when you can rely on Pokémon Violet DLC and also which new features and gameplay come with it?
Well, allow us reveal you what you can get out of The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero-The Teal Mask and also The Concealed Treasure of Location Zero-The Indigo Disk.

Along with two all new areas, which need to be discovered with two fabulous Pokémon, which has never been seen prior to, every growth offers a completely various design and also a totally various atmosphere for the Pokémon series.
In addition to the brand-new additions, some repeating functions and Pokémon will additionally construct the DLC on the existing best Pokémon Violet Pokémon.

reports about the publication date of Pokémon Violet DLC

The publication date of Pokémon Violet DLC is:
Autumn 2023-Pokémon Violet The concealed prize of Area Zero-The blue-green mask
Winters Months 2023-Pokémon Violet The hidden prize of Location Zero-The Indigo disc
The 2 DLC bundles are all part of the tale of The Surprise Treasure of Location No, which will certainly increase the traditions of the globe and the area along with what is currently in the video game.
Yet you will leave the area as well as go to brand-new locations in the DLC.

Pokémon Violet DLC tale

Pokémon Violet the Hidden Prize of Location Zero-The Teal Mask you will certainly see the state of Katakana as component of a college journey.
In the Hidden Prize of Area Zero-The Indigo Disk you will research as an exchange student at the Blueberry Academy.
This is all we understand regarding background right now, but we still have a long means ahead of us prior to they are released.
So we ought to see as well as listen to even more prior to the end of the year.

You can view the revelation trailer for the DLC below.

Pokémon Violet DLC gameplay

We do not recognize what kind of new gameplay features we can get out of the Pokemon Violet DLC the Hidden Treasure of Area Zero-The Teal Mask as well as The Covert Treasure of Area Zero-The Indigo Disk.
We didn’t see any kind of gameplay either.
Nevertheless, we can speculate that with The Teal Mask, which brings it to a brand-new area, we can anticipate an extra geared-out DLC, while The Indigo Disk will certainly be extra on the fight and will certainly take location in an academy.
In addition to new Pokémon, the LCS will likewise revive a variety of old Pokémon that you can see below.
Both tales for this DLC are Oberon and Terrapins, each of which will appear in The Teal Mask as well as The Indigo Disk.
This covers every little thing we recognize about Pokémon Violet DLC’s publication date.
To discover even more about Violet, have a look at our Pokémon kind table, which will certainly help you when you deal with the DLC or get involved in the game for the very first time.