Grand theft auto

GTA 5 Storms the Top of PlayStation Store in January 2023 – Europe and Beyond

Grand Theft Car V.
2. FIFA 23.
The Last of Us Part I.
11. Among the United States.
Grand Theft Vehicle V.

In the very first month of the brand-new year, the well-tried Grand Theft Auto V made it again.
And not only in Europe, but also The United States and Canada.
On the other hand, it was insufficient for very first place on the PS4, but here, too, the open-world strong burner is still great.
Here we see Rock star’s success video game in the 4th (Europe) or sixth location (America/Canada).
It was just on Tuesday that we reported: GTA V was able to split the 175 million mark by December 31, 2022.
In the fourth quarter of last year alone, five million sales were made.
The popular action game simply knows no limits and still sells wonderfully nearly 10 years after the initial release.
In any case, this is followed by FIFA 23 and Call of Responsibility: Modern Warfare II, which are among the leading sellers monthly.
Fourth place in turn takes the Dead Area remake, followed by for spoken.
Both video games came onto the market in January.

PS5 positions

  1. Grand Theft Vehicle V.
  2. FIFA 23.
  3. Call of Responsibility: Modern Warfare II.
  4. Dead Space.
  5. For spoken.
  6. Monster Hunter Rise.
  7. Need for Speed Unbound.
  8. NBA 2K23.
  9. Elden Ring.
  10. The Last of United States Part I.
  11. Among US.
  12. Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege.
  13. God of War Ragnarök.
  14. It Takes Two.
  15. One Piece Odyssey.
  16. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.
  17. Kenya: Bridge of Spirits.
  18. Cyberpunk 2077.
  19. Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart.
  20. Gran Tourism 7.

PS4 positions.

  1. FIFA 23.
  2. Minecraft.
  3. The Forest.
  4. Grand Theft Auto V.
  5. A Way Out.
  6. Red Dead Redemption 2.


  1. The Last of Us Part II.
  2. Call of Task: Modern Warfare II.
  3. Required for Speed: Payback.
  4. Gang Monsters.
  5. Need for Speed: Heat.

  1. NBA 2K23.
  2. EA Sports UFC 4.
  3. God of War.
  4. The Last of the United States Remastered.
  5. Monopoly Plus.
  6. Ark: Survival Evolved.
  7. Amongst the United States.
  8. Asset to Cora.
  9. Goat simulator.

PSVR positions.

  1. Task simulator.
  2. Beat Saber.
  3. Batman: Arkham VR.
  4. Creed: Increase to Magnificence.
  5. Super hot VR.
  6. Swordsman VR.
  7. Sniper Elite VR.
  8. The Strolling Dead: Saints & Sinners.
  9. Castro Bot Rescue Mission.
  10. PlayStation VR Worlds.

F2P positions.

  1. Call of Responsibility: War zone 2.0.
  2. Fortnite.
  3. Rocket League.
  4. People case.
  5. The Sims 4.
  6. Football 2023.
  7. Overwatch 2.
  8. Peak legends.
  9. Gen sin Impact.
  10. Multiverses.
    Source: PlayStation Shop.
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