Nexon Establishes Blockchain Subsidiary Nexon Block with CEO Kang Dae-hyun – 10th December 2020

It was confirmed on the 10th that Nixon founded Nixon Block Corporation, a blockchain subsidiary.
Nixon Block is the COO of King Tae-hyun, the general manager of Nixon Korea blockchain business.
Nixon Korea (CEO Lee Dungeon) has a 100%stake in Nixon Block.
Shin Highway, former CEO of Nixon GITC and former director of Maple Story, Hwang Sun-young, also joins Nixon Block.

King Tae-hyun, CEO of Nixon Block, is a person who is distinguished from the perception of ‘Blockchain Game = P2E’.
King said in a 2022 key speech in the NDC (Nixon Developer Conference) keynote, If you pay attention to the blockchain itself, not only P2E, it will show its own open ecosystem and new possibilities.
It’s a new area.

Nixon’s representative blockchain project is ‘Maple Story Universe’.


Nixon Block will lead the Maple Story Universe business.
At the last NDC, King introduced, We are designing Maple Story Universe, a NFT-centered ecosystem beyond simply going on.

Maple Story Universe shares the same Maple Story NFT with many games.
It consists of PC MMORPG ‘Maple Story N’, mobile game ‘Maple Story N Mobile’, blockchain game production sandbox platform ‘mode N’, and SDK ‘Maple Story N SDK’ to create various apps.

An official of Nixon said, It was established for the successful launch of the Tapestry Universe, which will invest in Nixon’s Web3 ecosystem, develop the blockchain business, and the first service related to the blockchain business.