How To Overcome Cliff In Pokemon Go: A Step-By-Step Guide To Defeat Team Go Rocket Leaders

Team Go Rocket leaders are not simple opponents.
They will make you more difficult than those humble growls, but with the knowledge of this guide, you will learn how to beat Cliff in Pokémon Go.

How to overcome the leader of Team Go Rocket, Cliff, in Pokémon Go

With the proper preparation, the normally formidable team of Cliff will have no chance against yours.
Fortunately, some of his options are not very diverse, which can facilitate the creation of his team.
Here are all possible Pokémon of Cliff:
Pokémon 1
Magnetic (steel/electric)
Pokémon 2
Pin sir (bug)
Venus (psychic/water)
Pokémon 3
Transitory (rock/dark)
Camerupto (fire/earth)
Sharped (water/darkness)

Battle cliff 1

The good news about magnesites is that it is quite easy to win, and its counters are all quite common Pokémon.
Fire and Fighting monsters are good here, but they cannot inflict more damage while the attacks of magnetizing as well as the Group type.
Better selections: Hyperion, Radon, Orphan, Golem, Mamoswine

Battle 2 cliff

As expected from Master, the grass type will have the greatest advantage in this battle.
Both types (rock and water) receive super effective damage against grass attacks.
Don’t think about it too much.
Best selections: Shay min (Sky Form), Verizon, Tropics, Mega AbomasNow, Celebs
Pin sir
Be careful here against Pin sir.
Of course, it is not one of the best Pokémon on Go, but Cliffs Pin sir can cause mass damage if you do not resist your attacks.
The poison, fire and flying monsters have an advantage here.
Gratin’s dragon/ghost type also helps him to resist Pin sir’s attacks.
Better selections: Mega Gen gar, Grating (Altered Form), Mega Harvard and, Ho-Oh, Tompkins
Venusaur is decently bulky and can cause great damage to your types of fire with poison attacks.
Even so, it is worth using them here whenever you can protect incoming damage.
Steel Pokémon can also do well in this battle thanks to its resistance.
Better selections: Mega Harvard (X O Y), Mega Salience, Yeshiva, Mega Sailor, Celestela

Battle 3 cliff

Tyranitar can be a terrifying opponent with the one you are when you miss your final Pokémon.

This rock/dark type Pokemon is very powerful.


But if you take advantage of its enormous weakness for fighting attacks, then you should be fine.
Best selections: Cobain, Chesnaught, Buzzword, Verizon, Keller
Cam erupted
Oh, really.
It is easy.
Mega Harvard X is also an option if a solid water type Pokemon is not available, but that is very unlikely if you have been playing for a while.
Better selections: Mega Swam pert (or regular), Politeed, Ky ogre, Mega Yards, Polka
Sharpedo is what we call a glass canon in the business.
That means that you can inflict a ton of damage very quickly, but it can be easily taken with one or two good blows.
Take advantage of your weaknesses to Grass and Fairy attacks for a quick victory.
Better selections: Mega Venus, Mega AbomasNow, Primarily, Flores, Buzzword

Best Pokémon equipment

Cliff always has some bulky Pokémon.
But if you only choose a team that hits its weaknesses, then you should navigate through this battle.
Use your shields wisely.
Our ideal team to overcome Cliff is:
Hyperion (clay slap | Break rocks)
Yeshiva (Fire Fang | Fusion flare)
Mega Venusaurio (razor sheet | Frenzy plant)
Secondary Team:
Mega Swam pert (clay shooting | Hydraulic Canyon)
HO-OH (incinerate | Regular Sacred Fire or ++)
buzzing (accountant | Potential punched)
If you don’t have all those Pokémon, then most of the combinations of good types Fighting-, Ghost-, Dark-, Water-, Grass-O Fire-Types should be able to do the job.
That is all to know how to overcome the cliff leader of the team Go Rocket in Pokémon Go.
Now is the time to face Carlo and Sierra, so you can face Giovanni.
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