0 – A Comprehensive Guide to the Roadmap

The activation of the Season 2 for Modern Warfare 2 and Call of Task: War zone 2.0 is imminent: The launch will happen on February 15, 2 weeks later on than formerly presumed.
In the course of the brand-new season, additional updates appear that play brand-new material for the two first-person shooters.
In the meantime, the makers have published the roadmap-and thus an outlook on the approaching content.
The highlights include the new Japan Map Ashoka Island, which enters play at War zone 2.0
The smaller revival card comes as an alternative to the big Al March map in the Fight Royale shooter and promises much faster BR battles due to smaller measurements.

Season 2 at War zone 2.0.

The new card offers area for around 50 gamers.
There are likewise adjustments to the loot.
If you put a challenger in War zone 2.0 from Season 2, the victim pushes the flooring from now on.
Changes are also pending for loot boxes.
The content included therein will likewise be put on the flooring if you open one in the future.
With the new season, the Gulag also goes back to the Battle Royale shooter in 1-VS-1 format.
In the DMZ area, brand-new missions, a brand-new boss and of course the Ashoka Island card are awaiting you.
The roadmap to the Season 2 for Call of Responsibility: Modern Warfare 2 and War zone.
Source: Activision

brand-new material for Modern Warfare 2

Players of Call of Responsibility: Modern Warfare 2 can let off steam on the Season 2 on 4 brand-new maps.
There is, for example, Dome for 6-VS-6 format: The MAP understood from Modern Warfare 3 dips into a military external post in an unknown location.
There are likewise the maps of Calderas Museum (6 VS 6), Al Malik International (Fight Map) and Maya Observatory (Battle Map).
The brand-new Season 2 modes include grind and drop zone.
With Contaminated and Weapon Game, 2 fan favorites likewise return to the Call of Duty multiplayer mode.
New weapons, consisting of the crossbow and ISO Hemlock Assault Rifle, along with brand-new operators, such as Daniel Spinoza and Role, complete the content.
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