GTA 6 Mega Leak: Developer Reactions to the Surprise Leak

In truth, we take such leaks really seriously, and they all disappoint us. It is really extremely aggravating and troubling for the team. From a company viewpoint, we didn’t strike it. From a personal and psychological point of view, our groups struck it.

In September of last year, a mega leak around GTA 6 triggered a huge feeling in the market.
At that time, a hacker screenshots and gameplay videos of the Open World game, which is presently in development at Rockstar Games.
This logically made high waves: In the course of the examination, the FBI was even turned on, and the hacker detained a little later.
However, how did the entire thing actually affect the designer team?
There is now more info for this for the very first time.

that’s how Rockstar Games went to the mega-leak

Strauss Selznick, Handling Director of the Publish Take-Two Interactive, responded to questions throughout an interview with the associates from IGN
Instantly prior to an investor conference, Selznick granted a fascinating but little look behind the scenes after the occasions around the Mega Leakage from GTA 6 (now buy EUR 19.99).
Appropriately, the thing of the Rockstar Games team hit the main emotionally hard.
In reality, we take such leaks very seriously, and they all disappoint us. From an emotional and individual point of view, our groups struck it.

Strauss Selznick did not go into closer to the emotional background around the mega leak.
However, this quick statement currently makes it clear that the matter has not died from Rockstar Games and the other teams.
Large parts of their previous work have come to the public on an unlawful course.


When is GTA 6 on the market?

Incidentally, Strauss Selznick said neither in the interview nor at the subsequent financier conference from Take-Two Interactive in the interview.
Accordingly, there are only speculation in this regard.
Just recently there were reports that the advancement of the video game is said to be in the last phase.
Nevertheless, publication must not be seriously expected before 2024 or possibly just in 2025.
Source: IGN.
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