Does Your Choice of Dialogue in Hogwarts Heritage Really Matter? A Comparative Study Between Potter Stories and Its Predecessor

Rotates’s heritage Stories and his predecessor, Harry Potter, a series of books seems to include similar topics.
The study of the territory of the Hogwarts castle and solving secrets remains a general background for both fairy tales.
They both do not evade heavier topics.
For example, the reality of death or the desire to deceive it, despite the consequences.
Hogwarts’s heritage puts you in the place of the driver.
Can you form a story with the help you make, or how you interact with other characters?
Read on and find out.

Does what you say, in the Hogwarts Heritage?

Occasionally, but not often.
Some dialogue options, it seems, only add the color of history, allowing you to more fully realize your imagination about being a kind-hearted soul or amazingly selfish freak.
If you answer the NPC in a good or selfish manner, they will answer you accordingly.


Your choice can also slightly affect the further choice available to you.
For example, one of the first correct choice options that you have in the dialogue is to tell the Deputy Director of the Weasley about your excursions to the old ruins at the beginning of the story.
If you hide the truth from her, it will change the options available to you a little when the FIG tells you about your conversation with the deputy director.
In addition, there are some situations in which you can serve yourself and get a reward, for example, when you return the diary of the crops to fly from the shelves by a side quest.
You will receive a new part of the equipment if you return her diary without fuss.
But, if you want, you can also extort from her a fee for a find in the amount of 300 galleons, if you threaten to reveal the secrets of this.

tell the truth or lie in the Hogwarts Heritage?

Ultimately, the choice is yours.
Hogwarts’s heritage, of course, will allow you to behave in the game less socially acceptable.
However, the consequences of these actions can change the course of your stay in Hogwarts.
The decision to risk these consequences belongs exclusively to you.
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