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The Redmagic 8 Pro: An Unbeatable Gaming Smartphone Reviewed

Its screen is ample for us, however on paper, its cooling rate caved at 120 Hz is not at the top, and the absence of HDR10+ video assistance is somewhat remarkable.
Some will state, appropriately, that it is to make the fine mouth, however it reminds us of this even take a look at these 2 screenshots and attempt to inform me that the 120 fps is not much better than the 60 fps: when we have actually tasted to.
What is done best, we always desire more.
The very first huge black point which will definitely cool individuals who are not big gamers on mobile will be skeptical the video camera, which uses a simply passable experience but to years lights of what is done.
Much better in this area at present.
The second is a little more vital in my viewpoint (and we remember, it is our very first contact with the brand, however if we are there after a V8 of the product, we picture that it is a problem that lasts) since.
The maker’s bone experiences severe translation concerns, even after a number of bone updates since using the phone (January 16).
We are entitled to question if there is an effort aside from marketing given by Nubia to the Western market.
In a word as in a hundred, for EUR 699 in its 12 GB/256 GB variation and EUR 799 in its 16 GB/512 GB variation, this Red magic Pro 8 is an entirely unbelievable Android video game device, however a reasonably any smartphone for common people.
Who would not be interested in his power.

If you do not like the glass technique, you can direct yourself towards the matte variation, which provides a more traditional approach however lower efficiency with 12 GB of RAM and 256 GB of storage.

A video gaming mode with (too) many features.

Press the red cursor on the piece of the phone, and you enter the center committed to the video gaming of the phone.
Do you see what you can do on a PC?
Well, you can do the very same thing here: change the power of your CPU, your GPU, develop macros, adapt the color pallets to each of your preferred video games or even change the sensitivity of your touch screen or incorporated triggers.
These are just a few of the lots of choices offered, there is a whole section of the hub committed to add-ons of this type, however also to performances at stake, such as the superimpose of a permanent long-term reticulation.
The point that has actually transformed this phone into our best friend in current weeks is really clearly the possibility of utilizing controllers in play, however above all, thanks to the integrated gravity system, to configure them for each video game and particularly.
Move controllers using a keyboard and a mouse.
A real reward when you play a shooter on mobile.
This last point takes even more value if we consider that it is possible to screen the material of your mobile, at 120 Hz, to a PC screen or a laptop computer thanks to software called Red magic Studio and readily available in this Gaming Hub.
Play your favorite video game from your phone, but with all the conveniences of a genuine game console and even a real PC, all the very same without having to connect a single wire (even if linking your smartphone to your PC with a.
USB cable is extremely recommended to guarantee maximum stability).
For the test, we managed to establish a configuration (entirely unneeded) with the Red magic 8 Pro released on Shadow, the cloud video gaming service, with the activated power option, screens on a PC with a Samsung G7 screen.
An absolute foot to state that you can play Hogwarts Tradition from a phone (Stay Tuned for the Coastal test).

An efficient fan.

It was mentioned, the phone provides an integrated active ventilation system that triggers if required to preserve your chips and capacitors at acceptable operational temperatures.
Research on previous models of the brand revealed to us that previous versions were known to be noisy.
In our specific case, the only time we heard it (and once again, in a silent room) was throughout the previously mentioned standards, or during a long mobile advertising session with the information pressed thoroughly.
On most other games, if it was set off, it was definitely inaudible unless you have your ear on it, even for a number of hours on the Xbox streaming service.

a screen that amazed us.

The Red magic 8 Pro screen sends out heavy, with an almost 7-inch AMOLED providing a resolution of 1116 x 2480 pixels in 20: 9th format.
The brightness may not be at the top of what is done today (we had the opportunity to put it next to the last iPhone and the distinction was obvious), however what it loses in brightness,
The Red magic 8 Pro compensates for natural however effective colors, never garish.
Combined with the considerable AMOLED contrast capabilities, Eels permit you to improve all the material, from your wallpaper to games, obviously, through movies.
We did not anticipate such an outcome to read requirements alone.
We will draw your attention to the style almost without borders, with the lens of the selfie electronic camera hidden behind the glass, without notch, which vanishes nearly completely from your field of vision.
The only somewhat disappointing thing for a screen of this quality was the lack of HDR certification.
Be careful, let’s be exact: HDR10 and HLG do not present a problem, the decoder does not support HDR10+.

A battery that reacts and an ultra-fast charge.

There are opportunities that we can not say no.
You have seen that, for months, we have been looking for the very best possible aspects to create the ideal nomadic video gaming experience.
We evaluate joysticks and intramuscular headphones, in search of unusual pearls that will enable us to play in the best possible conditions with a footprint as optimal as possible.
We had never stopped on the very heart of this setup, the phone, for 2 reasons: the first since we did not truly have the knowledge, the 2nd because we did not believe our hardware column
Rather intriguing for manufacturers to provide us with a sample, even in the 3rd or second wave of sending out.
What was not our surprise when at the end of November, Red magic, the Gaming brand of Nubia Technology, a Chinese producer, e-mailed us to offer us to check a 5G device whose efficiency appeared remarkable.
Quick advance for a couple of weeks, between end-of-year celebrations, Covid episodes in China and Chinese New Year, and we have actually had the ability to use it intensively in the previous three weeks to offer you our impressions.

What we liked

efficiency amongst the very best (even the best) on the market

Come on, let’s get to the heart of the matter with specs that attempt: the heart of the efficiencies of this Red magic 8 Pro is based upon the new chip, the snapdragon 8 gen 2. The chip etched in 4 Nm deals with a Cortex-X3 Arm to
at 3.2 GHz.
In addition, there are two Cortex-A715 (2.8 GHz), 2 A710 (2.8 GHz) and lastly three A510 (2.0 GHz).
For the graphic part, it is the GPU Arena 740 who takes care of everything.
The set is supported by 16 GB of RAM LPDDR5X, and, in our case, 512 GB of UFS 4.0 memory.
We may be amateurs in the execution of criteria for mobile, when everything tells you that your phone is at the top of the top, you tend to think it.
We submitted it to 3 tests, the 3DMARK Wildlife extreme, the FRENCH series and the Geek bench 5.0.
Moreover, advice to the RP agents of telephone brand names with gaming devices, do not be reluctant to send us to make the last license successful.
The Wildlife Extreme sets the tone by classifying our Red magic 8 Pro at the top of its ranking, better than the iPhone 14 Pro Max, with a performance of practically 10% higher.
I remind you that we are discussing a phone for less than 1,000 euros.
Funny information, we walked around the laptop computers around us to have enjoyable developing our own scale of worth and the Red magic 8 Pro was the only one, and I say the just one, to permit us to take a look at the demonstration in a loop
Rather just as soon as.
On the side of Geek bench (more CPU oriented), the Red magic 8 Pro can not dismiss the apparatus of Apple, however still gets closer to it by barely failing a couple of hundred points behind what is done
better at the minute.
We finish at 5,1 xx points and dust, where the apple apparatus prides itself with a stunning 5,400.
The GFX Bench series (more GPU focus) checks the Arena 740 chip which, if it does not establish a brand-new record, stands apart as soon as again from direct competition, with bigger frames in 3 of the
The only test he misses out on, and we will return to it, and the Manhattan test, for an extremely simple reason: the Red magic 8 Pro can not physically surpass 120 FPS when some of its direct rivals can (specifically at the level of
Gaming Phones, DOG Phone 6 Pro).
In summary, a genuine video game device for mobile lovers, which offers a distinct mix of leading elements of their field in regard to CPU and GPU.
There are actually only competitive FPS gamers on mobile who would discover problems (we recent here PUBG Mobile, however likewise the unavoidable Call of Responsibility War zone to come) provided the restriction to 120 Hz.


A style resolutely player but discreet and class

So we had in our hands the Red magic 8 Pro in its Space version, which very initial offers a glass back which suggests a few of the components, notably the fan, on which we will return later on.
We all understand, tastes and colors, so we will leave each other to the concept that even your phone can now be backlit.
Personally, considered that everything can be totally shut down in the alternatives and especially that in all cases, we do not see ourselves utilizing a phone of this type without any kind of protection that would conceal this type of information, this n.
‘ Is never annoying, because it is totally discreet and never garish.
In a really truthful method, we have been seduced by the whole, which is resolutely original, which changes, which holds well in hand, which makes its weight, however which stands out really plainly from its competition.

What everyone needs is a long battery life, and the Red magic 8 Pro reacts in the field.
Thanks to its combination of a big battery of 6000 mAh and its 4NM Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip, the 8 Pro very easily holds the blow in front of a normal working day and still has a great part of the night.
Even up until the next early morning.
Our length tests exposed a truly unexpected result, with a phone that just holds more than 120 hours on a single load with no particular use and with the shut-off backlight.
We must confess that we did not expect this sort of result, even if they are logical in the end: it is a video game device which understands that its battery will be requested, and it needs to be at the.
The USB-C port enables you to completely recharge the 6000mah battery by means of a 65 watts battery charger in simply over half an hour.
Intriguing information: the fan is activated by default to keep the gadget cold during the load.

An exceptionally customizable user interface.

The phone runs under an OS called Red magic 6, based upon Android 13, and as much to inform you that you can do whatever you want and even better, numerous things you would most likely not even have to need in your life.
Our favorite silly function?
The possibility of running a slideshow of gives as a watch screen on our phone.
Entirely silly from an efficiency viewpoint, totally necessary when you have a rich collection of great gives.
From a more efficient point of view, we will point out the Apps in Interactive Windows which allow a number of applications open up to the very same screen: example of usage, transfer a racing list sent out by Telegram to an application of TO-.
Do list, or inspect the material of an email at the very same time as you speak about it on Teams or Slack.
We have seldom seen as lots of options as those provided natively by this bone for screenshot.
Personally, unconditional fan of the Wear mode which enables you to share your screen in a laptop computer frame, an unimaginable time conserving in the preparation of PowerPoint presentations on applications.
There is a lot to discover in the Red magic 6 OS, you will certainly not like whatever, however you will inevitably discover some must-haves.

What we liked less.

Translation of the interface.

At the first look, everything seems quite tidy, and the bone does an excellent job in general, however the combination of icons particular to Very bizarre and Nubia/red magic flexibility in translations indicates that we tend.
To get lost.
This is especially exacerbated in the gaming interface of the phone.
A priori, the brand name is traditional since our company believe the tests that we saw pass on the Red magic 7, but it is weird to see that it is a problem that continues even when they attempt so much.
Although bad to acquire exposure in our markets really delicate to this element of things.
Afterwards, this is not the end of the world, we find ourselves there, and we adjust quickly, but it’s a pity to ruin such an excellent technical feat by a software application experience that leaves something to be wanted.
We make certain that there are enough skills in the place market in China to ensure to invest in an iron and particularly in a check of these translations.

Photo capacities not up to performance.

It is the nerve of war for everyone except us when it pertains to the choice of a phone, from Mamie Georgette to your little niece Kendall.
And regrettably, this is where the shot will be for the bulk.
Let’s see the silver lining of things, it will leave more for those who want makers to play.
The main objective is a Samsung of 50 Mp which takes totally appropriate images throughout the day.
The ultra-wide angle of 8 MP, on the other hand, uses well-sized outcomes, with more bland colors, a few of which would say that they may be more realistic.
The images taken by the 2 MP macro video camera can be utilized, if not exceptional: it has a set focus, which is rather annoying, but its focal strategy is tolerant and rather wide so that we can.
Use reasonably quickly, specifically with the user interface development lines.
At the front, on the other hand, the selfie cam, as we recall, hidden under the glass, is a genuine catastrophe.
No matter how much we attempted everything, absolutely nothing has actually done: each selfie makes faces softened and above all blurred, with totally incoherent colors.
One feels that each shot has superimposed you in a bad photomontage effort.
We will blame the positioning of the cam under the screen itself.
Red magic does video game smartphones, and they do it well, even if it is at the cost of specific extra functions.

In the evening, just count on the Red magic 8 Pro if your life depends upon the cliché and not the quality of the snapshot.
We force the line, the primary video camera still makes a good job particularly with the incorporated night style, but the rest is catastrophe.
This weak point is transcribed in the software application element of the shooting: we have a maker capable of estimation powers at any other, however the fundamental software is completely getting in relation to… we will say a pixel.
6, not even a 7 with its brand-new additions in fantasy.
You have access to the most basic functions, and as quickly as you really desire to work on your image, you will need to go through third-party software, Lightroom for us.
In terms of video, the main camera can capture 8K in 30 FPS.
It gains from an excellent EIS (Electronic Image Stabilization – stabilization of the image of the image) which permits you to tape-record material by walking without any issue.
Note that it is not possible to record with the other two video cameras on the back of the gadget.
The electronic camera on the front produces a 1080p whose quality is as bad as the shots mentioned above.

Devices with doubtful quality and above all rare.

We have actually long become part of subjected fairly simple sustainability tests to our test samples.
This is our very first laptop, so we wished to start gently by dropping everyday items on it to see our response.
We began with pieces of cents, then one euro, without any issue.
We then wanted to try a retractable point pen.
It was the drama, our heart falls at the bottom of our ankles, the pen bounces, a notch appears on the upper layer of the phone.
We are already needing to pay back the sample.
We warn the provider, who tells us that he will find out, it takes a little time, Chinese New Year requires.
Furthermore, we continue our use and our tests, the screen itself does not seem broken and is reactive even rather of the impact, however we see air bubbles beginning to appear on the edge of the screen.
Furthermore, we recontact the supplier, who confirms to us that certainly, our experience has actually harmed just the screen defense layer and not the screen itself.
Relief on our side, but concern regardless of whatever.
If a basic pen managed to cause this sort of damage, what could a real shock have given?
Another indicate consider before buying this phone is that even if Red magic makes a huge effort to get noticeable in Europe, it is still a very confidential brand name and is therefore not very interesting for the countless resellers who.
Drive you under thousands of various variations of glass or protective shells for your Samsung/iPhone/Realm/ Xiaomi/Huawei… Suddenly, you need to generally count on the things offered by the main site, but with regard to our experience.
With the protective glass, we are entitled to question the quality of other products.
The primary thing is that the screen has actually indeed been secured.
On the other hand, we clearly did not expect a pen falling from around thirty centimeters to harm protection as much.

Lower your hats rabbit, Martin.

The Nubia Red magic 8 Pro has something to seduce, and we do not truly regret having actually provided him a chance to be the first phone to be checked in depth in our columns.
On paper, it is a war device embarking everything that is best in regard to gross performance, and it measures up to expectations, with an exceptionally fluid experience, whatever you ask him to do.
It is a gaming-oriented phone, the reason even for which it is checked, and the Red magic 8 Pro stands out in this location like no phone that we could have in your hands.
We made him play games with very sophisticated information levels, without concern aside from the climb in the fan towers.
No worries either when asked in addition to stream this content on an outside screen in parallel, and a genuine reward as part of Microsoft’s cloud video gaming.
In brief, if you are looking for a smart device that can support your game sessions with time and uncompromising for the smallest information, we can only recommend this Red magic 8 Pro.
Nevertheless, if we obscure the simple efficiency and game element, it has some faults.