The IM Test: Is The VW T7 Multivan 2.0 TDI The Bulli Of The Future?

As he looks: really familiar.
Multivan-connoisseurs and of them there are lots of magistrates attentive and sometimes disapproving the long snout, which, in the kind of bonnet that has actually now moved even more forward, extended the wind.
The overall structured body and the chrome strip, which runs along the sidelines, are right away spotted by the educated eye.
In its standard functions, the Multivan T7 has remained extremely Bull.
There is a completely new car under the traditional dress.
Since the T7 is still offered from the commercial automobile base of the predecessor T6.1-Den, among other things when Caravel, California or Transporter-on the modular cross-construction package (MQB), the cars and truck platform, from which the
VW Golf, who are developed by Škoda Octavia or the Audi A3.
In the course of the reorganization, a couple of altitude centimeters have actually likewise been lost, however this ought to be viewed as a benefit, since the level, which is reduced to a 1.91 meter, makes it possible to easily enter into parking lot or underground garages.
The T7 reaches a length of 4.97 meters, however it does not need to be, since alternatively there is a long variation readily available that brings it to 5.18 meters with the identical wheelbase.
This alternative with long overhang- so the official name-also the topic of our driving report.
Always as standard: the digital motorist’s drummer with animated instruments.
How it is established: Not only when it comes to the platform, the Multivan has actually gotten a more car-like character, however likewise in regard to guests and especially the cockpit.
A certain part of hard-wearing plastic can not be overlooked, however firstly, it suits the total impeccable processing quality and second of all is updated by numerous decorative insoles.
Optionally, a substantial, two-part scenic roofing system (without roller blind) floods the interior with light.
A large switching-based driving level choice lever is no longer required, the standard DSG double clutch transmission is controlled via a small shifter that sits upright and quickly available on the dash carrier.
As a result, the center console also falls away, so there is airy availability in between the front seats.


The reality that the modular infotainment modular (MIB) has moved into the Multivan in multimedia is great news on the one hand, due to the fact that the digital screen landscape from (standard) motorist display screen and dramatically fixing, with gorgeous graphic, is a great one, given that
modern-day thing.
A head-up screen can also be configured, and the innovation also enables the cordless combination of the mobile phone via Apple CarPlay or Android Vehicle.
Without but it does not work: Sadly, the MIB likewise includes the uneasy slider for temperature and volume control, the not consistently rationally built menu structure, the absence of reasonable direct buttons, such as for seat heating and air conditioning, as well as the in some cases somewhat constant voice support.
After all: the system never ever went out.
Multivan traveler area: There are now specific seats in the 3rd row of seats.
The seats geared up with armrests use a great deal of convenience, the front ones are optionally adjustable electrically, provided with massage and ventilation function and approved by the Healthy back (AGR) campaign.
Depending on the selected seating package, five, six or seven individual seats are available, the constant three-way sofa in the third row is history.

The fact that the armchairs have actually slimmed down to 23 to 29 kg is very useful.
This still has to be moved appropriately, but the growth and thus the versatility is significantly assisted in, since the inhibition limit, in some cases to make area for bikes or other bulky products, has now dropped visibly.
The rail system has stumbled VW, so that all funds can be heated.
The seats are not rotatable, at least two vis-a-vis-seat bundles provide for installation of the places in the 2nd row versus the direction of travel.
The fold-out and height-adjustable multifunctional table likewise works on the rails discussed, which can be used as a center console in between the front seats or moved backwards.
A rather fragile matter are the folding tables integrated in the backrests.
Practical: the fold-out multifunctional table, which can be folded off on rails.

How much area he has: in abundance.
The method takes location through sliding doors, as basic on both sides, close and open electrically in addition to the tailgate.
Even with full seating, there are still 763 liters of roof-high storage space in the long variation, behind the 2nd row of seats are 2171 liters, and the Multivan can be packed to the 2 front seats, he swallows 4005 liters.
Even as a strong draft horse, the room giant can operate, braking it takes two loads on the hooks, and 750 kilograms are untreated.
And at the Hanoverian Business Vehicle-iaa Last September, VW presented an excellent night bundle consisting of collapsible mattress and blackout, which makes the Multivan a camper light.
It must be bought from spring 2023.
What drives him: a two-liter four-cylinder diesel with 110 kW/150 hp, diesel particle filter and SCR-Kat.
The drive forces are intended at the front axle, a 7-speed double clutch transmission takes over the switching work.
The 150 PS TDI is the only diesel that VW offers for Multivan.
Other choices are the 1.5 l-TSI four-cylinder fuel engine with 100 kW/136 hp or 150 kW/204 hp, also with front-wheel drive, but 6-speed DSG, along with the plug-in hybrid called 1.4
– l-hybrid.
How he drives: surprisingly useful for a 5.18 meter long spaceship.
If the dimensions had not been in the eye in the back of the rearview and the head view of the far-off 3rd row of seats, they would hardly seem believable in view of the car-like driving experience.
At the very same time, the high seating position conveys the bus-compliant wide and outlook on the traffic, which fits just as well with the characteristics of a relaxed cruiser as the easily collaborated chassis, which is considering nicknames in the asphalt.
The guiding appeals directly, and the diesel harmonizes effectively with the large automobile.
Acoustically, it is well insulated, and the suspicion that 150 horsepower is insufficient for two lots of live weight, the sovereign, located diesel can clean out.
We didn’t miss a surcharge of power.
Numerous assistants support when driving, and the Multivan likewise draws the same method with the vehicle universe, and he can draw on a turning and exit assistant along with on the Travel Help for partly automated travel or the trailer help, which exposes the trailer operation and, obviously, An automatic park that maneuvers the long latch individually into discovered spaces.
Stretched: The long version brings it to a step of 5.17 meters.
That is 19 centimeters plus compared to the short variant.
What he takes in: we consult the information sheet and read a worth of 6.4 to 6.7 l/100 km.
This can even be undercut, the TDI multivan has actually mastered our savings journey with 4.8 l/100 km.
5.9 l were likewise practical in daily life, and on the long-haul path at the highway power speed we kept in mind an 8 prior to the decimal point.
Usually, we accounted for 7.3 l/100 km.
What it offers: The base model simply calls VW Multivan and, among other things, equips it with bilateral moving doors, three specific seats in the second row of seats, electrically adjustable, heated and foldable outside mirrors, digital cockpit, a/c, smartphone interface, fatigue detection, traffic recognition,
Cruise control and lane departure assistant.
Obviously, this is only the start, the versions Life, Edition and the top design Design, the list of exceptional additional is long and suffices from the leading plan with scenic leis roofing system, matrix headlights and automated throat climate
through the Travel Assist pointed out and the adaptive chassis control as much as the top infotainment Discover Pro or the Harman Kardon noise system.
What it costs: from 51,206 euros.
If the brief version suffices, it saves 1880 euros.
What we think: As a spaceship, the Multivan needs to still stay the dream ship for lots of consumers, and rightly so.
The VW bus integrates a hand-made area with car-like driving qualities, a variety of driving assistants and modern-day infotainment, which, nevertheless, has to be slammed in many ways.
In terms of price, the T7 Bull is not a deal.
In this method, the view of high profits during resale may be overwhelmed, because the Multivan has actually constantly been an expensive star on the used car market.
UCLA Elmer

The information of the VW Multivan 2.0 TDI SCR, long overhang

Drive diesel, 7-speed double clutch transmission, front-wheel drive
Displacement 1968 CCM
Cylinder 4
Performance 110 kW/150 hp at 3000/min
Max. Torque 360 Nm at 1600-2750/ minutes.
Top speed 190 km/h.
Acceleration 0-100 km/h 11.6 sec.
Standard usage WLTP 6.7-6.4 l/100 km.
Test intake 7.3 l/100 km.

CO2 emission 168 g/km.
Pollutant standard Euro 6D-ISC-FCM.
Energy efficiency class A+.
Length 5.17 m.
Width 1.94 m without, 2.25 with exterior mirrors.
Height 1.91 m.
Seats 5 to 7.
Travel luggage compartment 763 to 4005 l.
Fuel tank 60 L.
Empty weight 2063 kg.
Allowable overall weight 2850 kg.
Payload 787-591 kg.
Bag 2000 kg (braked), 750 kg (unchecked).
Insurance Type classes 18 (KM), 23 (TK), 24 (VK).
Price from 51,206 euros.