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Gears 6: Insider Reports The Coalition Could Be Developing The Next Game In The Series

For some days it had been rumored that the sixth game of the Gears franchise would be on the way, that is due to an alleged filtration of images that included a logo.
Although hopes were falling apart when confirming from Xbox that the material is false.


However, this issue has been able to return to reflectors once again.
According to a new report spread on the networks, The Coalition (study by the saga) would be creating the new delivery, this after two games internally canceled.
This information was released in an Internet program, where the reporter known as James Grubs, confirmed that developers are now in a hurry with the game.
It was stated that the study was working on two currently canceled projects, which were supposedly never announced.

For now, they would be focused on developing this video game, as well as a fragment that is focused on the current Perfect Dark.
For their part, at the time they helped 343 with the creation of Halo Infinite.
Here what he mentioned in the podcast:

They have canceled that smallest project, as well as another project, so two games have been canceled there.

All this was reflected in the layoffs that occurred in Microsoft, which affected The Coalition.
The study will now move completely to Gears 6. I say now, Gears 6 has probably been moved in the course of last year, but definitely that will be his next game.
Remember that all saga deliveries can be tested at Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC.
Available at Game Pass too.
Via: VGC
Editor’s note: If this report is true, that means that many fans will get excited about the news.
Then the official revelation should occur in the next Xbox Very event.