Riot Wants To Reduce The Price Of Some League of Legends Champions For Easier Entry Into The Game

League of Legends champions prices have been the main subject of many debates over various seasons of MOB.
Much of the community complains that many of the game champions are very expensive, and that those who start playing need to spend a lot of time trying to unlock them all, or at least one large numbers of them.


The truth is that the community is right.
The vast majority of champions start at 4,800 blue essences.
To make this fact even more absurd, Led, which was released seven years ago, costs the same as the game’s latest champion K’Santa: 6,300 blue essences.

Riot will lower lol champions prices

This subject became a viral post in the Reddit Forum and even Rioters responded to the post.
The person responsible for passing a message to the community was Rioter True, confirming that he and Rioter August are already working on this theme.
This is something we fully agree with, and I think our current pricing model is out of date. August and I are working to update blue essence prices in many characters, to better reflect current standards and apply it to many things.
If Yuri will be an affordable champion for new players, it must be easy to get soon.
At the moment this is the information we have in this regard, and it is important to remember that although it is cool that Riot responds to the current discussions of her players, the developer should have thought, performed and informed this action for a long time, and should not wait
Your players notice a problem to solve it there.
It is worth remembering that since the beginning of season 13 Riot has been experiencing a series of controversies, ranging from accusations of abandoning LOL development to trying to improve its communication with the community and fail, also through an episode in which the developer
He was hacked and threatened to have to pay $10 million to recover his source handle.