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Madden 23 Zero Chill II Players, Raid Boss & Stocking Stuffers: Everything You Need To Know

Madden 23 No Chill II is concerning Ultimate Group as this cherished winter season program continues to deliver new material.


We’ve got information on all the Madden 23 Absolutely no Chill II gamers consisting of a brand-new Raid Manager to be fought in BUT 23.

Madden 23 Absolutely No Chill II Release Date & Time

Madden 23 No Chill was confirmed to be an enormous program with at least 4 different drops on the method when it was first exposed.

The very first reveals unloaded a number of different elements of the program, however there are more difficulties and players to come.

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Madden 23 No Chill II is scheduled to release in-game on Thursday, December 15, 2022, at around 2pm ET.

There will be new Frozen Forge difficulties, however it deserves keeping in mind the Frozen Forge gamer reward will not be unlockable till the 3rd release has actually dropped.

There are likewise additional Snowball Battle challenges added as the ballot continues and gamers attempt to unlock Frozen Footballs.

New Presents & Raid Manager

House Rules vs CPU is also getting a refresh with a new Raid Manager in the kind of Out of Position D.K. Met calf at cornerback.

As before, gamers can open this Raid Boss card and if enough are able to beat him it’ll provide an extra increase to the BUT 23 card.

Players who purchase the Random Pack of Presents will get one of the following: Small Present, Medium Present, Big Present, AKA Present, Blitz Present, Harvest Present, TOW Present, Lovely Large Present, Dynamic Big Present, Extravagant Big Present, Player Present 1, Player Present 2.


We’re also getting new Presents to keep the holiday spirit going strong in addition to a Big Present now available for 9,000 Training and a Random Pack of Presents now readily available for 3,900 Training.

Those last few remain a bit strange, but we do understand Gamer Present 1 has an Unfinished Company label on it and Player Present 2 included a mountain with an indication that read Nonage Zone.


Madden 23 No Chill II Elites

We’ve also got plenty of brand-new Madden 23 No Chill gamers in this second release including these High Elites signing up with the fray:

  • Jacoby Brisket (QB) -90 OVR-Cleveland Browns
  • Hello Witherspoon (CB) -90 OVR-Pittsburgh Steelers
  • Mondale Moore (WR) -90 OVR-Arizona Cardinals
  • Shy Turtle (DT) -90 Overview Orleans Saints
  • Due Tranquil (MLB) -90 Carlos Angeles Chargers
  • Ryan Neal (SS) -90 OVR-Seattle Seahawks
  • Ben Skowronek (FB) -90 Carlos Angeles Rams
  • Taylor Decker (TE) -90 OVR-Detriot Lions

There may be additional Low Elites too, but they aren’t confirmed or exposed throughout Excellent Morning Madden.


Stocking Stuffers, LTD’s & Champions

The headliners amongst all these new Madden 23 Zero Chill gamers are quickly the LTD’s, Champions, and Stocking Stuffers.

Beginning with the latter, the second quarter of players has dropped and now 16 various teams have their own Stocking Stuffers’ player in BUT 23:

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  • Taylor Hill (TE) -95 Overview Orleans Saints
  • Deep Samuel (WR) -95 Organ Francisco 49ers
  • Calvin Johnson (CB) -95 OVR-Detriot Lions
  • Ted Hendricks (SS) -95 Overseas Vegas Raiders

There are 4 brand-new Madden 23 Zero Chill Champions up for grabs in this release consisting of a game changer with Calvin Johnson at cornerback.


  • Myles Hartsfield (FS) -92 OVR-Carolina Panthers
  • Taken Tomlinson (LG) -92 Overview York Jets
  • Jamel Dean (CB) -92 OVR-Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  • Tyler Badass (C) -92 OVR-Dallas Cowboys
  • Martin Emerson (CB) -92 OVR-Cleveland Browns
  • Troy Hill (CB) -92 Carlos Angeles Rams
  • Christian Kirk (WR) -92 OVR-Jacksonville Jaguars
  • Jerry Judy (WR) -92 OVR-Denver Broncos


Madden 23 Ultimate Group also just added some other big players like Scrambler Baker Mayfield in the TOW 14 release.

Next up, we have the latest extremely uncommon LTD’s bringing two superior additions to Ultimate Group with Alex Zappa and Desmond King II.

  • Alex Zappa (KG) -95 OVR-Cincinnati Bengals
  • Desmond King II (CB) -95 OVR-Houston Texans