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How to complete the search for the hidden form in Destiny 2

Are you an avid Destiny 2 player looking for a way to get your hands on the coveted Revision Zero Exotic Pulse Rifle? Look no further! In this article, we’ll show you how to complete the Hidden Shape quest and find the hidden form in Destiny 2.

Revision Absolutely now is a brand-new Unique Pulse Rifle, offered in Destiny 2, and it is acquired by completing the Hidden Shape quest.
After you have received and started The Hidden Shape, you probably require some assistance to complete it.
How to complete The Concealed Forming in Fate 2

the look for the surprise figure, explains in Destiny 2.

The surprise shape has 8 actions that have actually to be completed.
The very first step is to finish operation: indication of the seraph.
This exotic activity is a lot of enjoyable, and we have a complete guide to completing operation: Seraphs Guard so that you can get revision no as quickly as possible.
As quickly as Operation: Seraphs Guard has been completed, you have to do this to make the ex frame at helmet and talk to him.
He will offer you revision no and provide you the next guidelines to finish the The Surprise Shape quest.
After this action you get step 3, namely to conclude the objective The arrival from this is the first objective in the campaign The Witch Queen.
The only method to get The Hidden Shape is to own The Witch Queen, which indicates that you have most likely currently completed the campaign.


If not, stop everything and play the Witch Queen through.
The steps 4 to 6 include the completion of specific quests, the part of The Witch Queen is that describe the craft and how to use it.
First you need to finish The Antique, then Forming: Extraction and finally Shaping: Resonant Alloys.
If you are not brand-new to Destiny 2, you have more than likely already finished these missions, and you will be automatically marked as completed in the quest The hidden kind.
The last step is to form revision no.
To do this, go to the enclave, which lies in Marathon’s throne world and interact with the craft station.

As quickly as the weapon is shaped, close The Covert Shape and are on the way to gather all four revision of no drivers.
Destiny 2 is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | s.
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