All Bee Swarm Simulator codes in Roblox (December 2022)

Roblox is home to a multitude of strange and wonderful video games, and Bee Swarm Simulator is perhaps one of the strangest.
While Buzz-EM-UP is largely a simulator that places it in the place of one of the most active and bustling creatures of nature, it also gives you the opportunity to know friendly bears, complete missions and get some useful rewards.
If you are here, is you very likely to ask yourself: What are all Bee Swarm Simulator codes in Roblox at this time?
So, without further ado, let’s start.

All Working Bee Swarm Simulator codes in Roblox

Here is a list of all free codes in Bee Swarm Simulator that you can exchange right now:
BFCM2022-1 Jellybean and a Clover Field Buff (new)
Walmartjuguetes-1 Marshmallow Bee, 1 Field says, 3 Micro-Converters, Pineapple Patch Boost, Pineapple Patch Winds, Super Smoothie and Wealth Clock
Fouryearfiesta-An atomic candy, Malvavisco bee, loaded, pink balloon, hard wax, topical drink, neon blackberry, four microconvertiders, four tickets, four Hon suckles, four strawberries, four blueberries, four pineapples, four seeds
Sunflower, four bitter berries, four moon charms, 5x wealth clock, 4x cactus field boost, 4x Sunflower Field Boost, 15x Cactus Field Winds, 15x Sunflower Field Winds, Super Smoothie, 10x Haste, 10x Red Boost, 10x White Boost, 10x Blue Blue Blue
Boost and 10x precision.
Frozenbugreboot-5 wealth watchmakers, 1 loaded given, 4 pepper patch potentiates, 4 stump field potentiates, 4 mountain field potentiates, 4 coconut field potentiates and 4 clover field potentiates.
Gareth ORANS-1 Malvavisco Bee, 1 tropical drink, 1 jelly, 1 sting, 3 tickets, 1 red balloon, improvement of 30-minute clover field code and improvement of 30 minutes coconut field code
THNXCyASTOYBOX-1 Marshmallow Bee, 1 Smooth says, 1 Jelly Beans, 1 micro-converter, 1 cloud road, 1 Whirligig, 10 Honeysuckles, 1 Pink Balloon, 3 pumpkin patch boosts, pumpkin patch cod buff buff buff
500mil-Science Bear Morph, 2 Stump Field Boosts, 1 Hour Conversion Boost, 5 Wealth Clocks, 5 Gumdrops, 5 Field says, 3 Bamboo Field Boosts
Fella Friday-Free rewards
ROOF-5 entries
38217-5 tickets
Curly±1 Abejorro gelatin, +10 bitter blackberries, +1 microconverter, capacity code
Malvavisco-Boom of conversion of 1h, Marshmallow Bee
SecretProfilecode-ant pass, shocked bee jelly
Insurance-León tooth field impulse (x3), conversion boost of 30 m, 2500 honey
Spring T-shirt-Bamboo Field Impulse (X3), Bamboo Field Winds (X3), Malvavisco bee
Wax-5x tickets, 5,000 honey
Carmensanddiego-Free things!
Luther-Free things!
Dissentry-Free things!
Good start-free things!
Alternate-Free things!
Forbidden-stubborn bee gelatin and buff
Word factory-Free things!
Filigree things!
Alternate-Free things!
Bosbuzz123-1 cloud road, 5 jelly woman, 3 tombolas
wink-Dandelion Field Boost (× 7), 5x Tickets, 5,000 Honey, Haste+, Black Bear Morph
Buzz-5,000 honey
Nectar-5,000 honey
BOP teacher-5 entries
Tooth-5 entries
KNOWER-5 Tickets
Tracking-5 inputs

All codes expired in Bee Swarm Simulator in Roblox

These Bee Swarm Simulator codes have expired and no longer work:

  • Discordia100K-Marshmallow Bee Buff, Rose Field Boost (X3), Pine Tree Forest Boost (X3): +300% Pine of Pine Tree Forest, Spider Field Boost (X3), 3x Jelly Beans, 3x Gumdrops, 3x Moon Charm, 3x
  • Restart on Friday-free rewards
  • 3-year party-Free things!
  • Mocito100T-Stingers, Gumdrops, Coconuts, Inspire, Coconut Field Boost, Coconut Field Capacity
  • Red Market-Pepper Patch Boost, Pepper Patch Capacity, Pepper Patch Market Boost
  • Mono interruption-rewards
  • Great bag-increases the capacity of the bag temporarily.


  • Restart Christmas-Free things!
  • Boy ante±15 blueberries, blue extract, capacity code, increased blue flower field, blue flower field capacity, increase in the blue field market
  • Black Friday-Free things!
  • 5MEMIBROS±5 bitter blackberries, +5 strawberries, +5 blueberries, +5 sunflower seeds, +5 pineapples, +5 lunar amulets, rose field increase, rose field capacity, increase in pine forest, capacity
    of pine forest, transformation of scientific bear, conversion promoting
  • Restart PC-Free things!
  • One billion visits-1 atomic gift, 10 microconverters, field winds, sunflower field winds, honey day event
  • Gumaden10t-Pepper Patch Boost (X1), Pepper Patch Winds (X3), Coconut Field Boost (X1), Coconut Field Winds (X3), Blue Flower Field Boost (X2), Blue Flower Field Winds (X3), 1x Cloud Vial Vial Vial, 15x pineapple
  • Space reset-10 Moon Chaos, 5 micro-converters, Wealth Clock, Mountain Top Field Boost & Capacity, Dandelion Field Boost & Capacity
  • Fuzzyadiós±3 Microconartidores, +15 pineapples, Increased sunflower field, sunflower field capacity, capacity code
  • BlackBemitic-Impulse and Cactus Field Capacity, Increase and Clave Field Capacity, Capacity Code, Wealth Clock and Black Bear Morph
  • Strawberry±1 radioactive bee jelly, +10 strawberries, strawberry field impulse, strawberry field capacity, mother bear transformation
  • Jollyjelly-1 royal jelly, 1 jellyla, 1 microconverter, strawberry field reinforcement (x3), strawberry field winds (x3)
  • Left side
  • Mercado±10 bitter berries, pollen boost, pineapple patches market boost, Sunflower Field Market Boost
  • Wikihonor-Strawberry Field Boost (X3), 10x Gumdrops, 10x Pineapple, 1x Royal Jelly, 1x Stinger, 5x Inspire
  • Wikipremioreloj-5x wealth clock
  • 4Milmembros-Clover Field Boost (X1), Clover Field Winds (X4), 4x Field says, 1x Royal Jelly, 4x Micro-Converter, Mother Bear Morph
  • Piniest±15 pineapples, +1 tropical drink, capacity code, pineapple patch reinforcement, pineapple patch capacity, pineapple patch market impulse, Marshmallow Bee
  • Diffuse restart-Spider field impulse, spider field winds, spider field, capacity code, wealth clock
  • Tornado-1 cloud road, 3 jelly woman, 1 real jelly
  • Enamor ado±25 Strawberries, Active Baby Love and Red Extract Buffs, Rose Field Boost, Rose Field Capacity
  • Clubnube-1 cloud road, 1 jelly, 1 field given, 1 microconverter
  • Holiday frogs-1x Box-O-Frogs, Bamboo Field Boost (X3), Bamboo Field Winds (X3)

How to exchange codes at Bee Swarm Simulator

Fortunately, redeeming codes at Bee Swarm Simulator is Eat Pan.
Just follow these steps:
First, start Bee Swarm Simulator in Roblox.
Then touch the COG icon in the upper left of the screen.

  • In the text box, enter a code as it appears in the previous list.
  • Press redeem and enjoy your new gifts.
    You are welcome!
    Image source: The Roblox Corporation through
    So, that concludes things.
    We hope this has helped respond to your consultation: what are all Bee Swarm Simulator codes in Roblox at this time?
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