Xbox and Riot Games Partnership: How to Use Your Game Pass on League of Legends

This Monday (12), Riot Games’s game League of Legends, arrived for Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass service.
From now on, you can also play MOB directly from the Xbox application for computers.
Users who connect their lol-which also give access to games, Valorant, Team fight Tactics and Legends of Runeterra -In Xbox PC application will receive exclusive benefits.
Among the various benefits that will be granted to players, those related to LOL caught the attention of the community.

Anyone who is used to the online game knows that one of the main goals is always to be with blue essence enough to always be able to activate the new champion on the same day of its release.
Game Pass subscribers, however, will no longer need to play for increasing their amount of blue essence: one of the benefits of connecting both accounts is to have access to all game champions, and guaranteed access to future characters released.
Check out all the benefits released so far:
All more than 160 champions
Access to all new champions as soon as they were released
20% Exp Bonus
Chest bonus rewards and mastery key per game


  • All current agents
  • Access to all new agents as soon as they are launched
  • 20% Bonus of Exp start by battle pass, event pass and active character contract
  • Sage weapon keychain

Team fight Tactics

  • Small rare strategist legends of 1 star
  • 4 arena skins available until April 2023, and 1 monthly rotation arena skin after that period
  • Rare Egg of Small Legend

Legends of runeterra

  • All letters of the foundation set
  • Prismatic chest

League of Legends: Wild Rift

  • All more than 80 champions
  • Access at the launch of each new champion
  • 20% Exp Bonus
  • Random emote chest

How to connect the accounts

Check it out, how to connect the Riot Games account with Xbox to unlock all the benefits above:
Install the Xbox app on your computer or update it to your latest version;
Open the app and select any of the Riot Games;
Click play or install;
A window indicating to create or link a riot account to your Xbox profile will open;
After linking your accounts, you will see a notification saying that the benefits have already been unlocked.


The process may take up to 24 hours to finish, but the content will be viewed on the app reward program immediately.
That done, all the benefits described above will be in your Riot Games accounts until one day.