Fable Suffers From Problems In Its Development. Heres What Happened

For several years we know that Playground Games, famous for the Fora Horizon series, is working on a new Xbox Fable delivery.
However, since its revelation, the team has kept silent, something that has worried fans.
Now, a new report ensures that development has faced a couple of problems due to its tools.
Recently, Jesus Borden, Insider of Xbox, shared a report where he ensures that Xbox developers have difficulties to use the internal tools of Microsoft and, instead of allowing them to use something like Unreal Engine, the company continues to reinforce their internal efforts.
This was what was said about it:

They told me that internal policy on engine has also caused development problems in games such as Fable and Halo Infinite, since Microsoft sought to use its own tools instead of industry standards with all functions such as Unreal Engine, which exacerbates even more the problems related to the training of contractors, only to lose them in the middle of the project.
In this way, it seems that the new Fable has similar complications to those suffered by Halo Infinite.
Along with this, we must not forget that development problems, usually results in a game with problems.


Of course, this is just a report and at the moment there is no concrete information by Microsoft, or some Playground Games employee.
At the moment, Fable does not have a release date.
In related issues, more complications are reported with the development of this game.
Similarly, Xbox head reveals why we have not heard more about this title.
Editor’s note:
It seems that the Xbox Game Studios have problems.

Not only Fable development looks similar to Halo Infinite, but other studies, such as The Initiative, need external help to achieve their objectives.
This does not paint a good Xbox image, and I hope that these reports and rumors fail to represent the final products that we will have in our hands.