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SWTOR Update 7.2 Face-off on Ruhnuk Release Date Announced

It makes sense. BioWare goes on Holiday about 10 days prior to completion of the year and it’s likely that they wished to release this prior to that. Just how much of the feedback collected from PTS is going into 7.2, that’s something we will understand next Tuesday!

Video game Update 7.2: Face-off on Run will be released on Tuesday, December 13th! BioWare revealed this today with a post on their social networks.

This is an abnormally short time in between shutting down PTS (which occurred moments before this announcement) and the release of a new update.

Face-off on Run Teaser Trailer

Characters include Heat AOL, She Villa, Sahara and Ran Sateen, Akamai Spar, Jewish and Mass Oreo, Dorian Camera, along with other Mandalorian.

We still don’t know the length of time the story will be, though several devs at BioWare used the word chapter when describing it in the 7.2 Livestream, so I would expect something similar.

Players will be taking a trip to Run, a remote world in Wild Area that is surrounded by an electrically charged nebula, making it difficult to find.

The teaser trailer was entirely focused on the story content that’s coming. She Villa has actually found the location of Heat AOL and her Covert Chain organizations secret base.

You can watch the trailer here:

  • New everyday location on Run, including a new Dacron
  • Balance changes for tanks and Marauders/ Guards
  • Significant PVP changes, consisting of the elimination of Ranked PVP and the introduction of a new PVP Seasons system
  • New 4v4 PVP Arena
  • UI/UX updates, consisting of a map revamp and colorblind mode
  • Life Day 2022
  • New Cartel Market Products

Face-off on Run is forming up to be a fairly big update for SW TOR, there’s a lot of other stuff besides the brand-new story. Well have a deeper dive short article on Monday when the patch notes are launched, however here’s a brief summary of everything else coming with Video game Update 7.2.

If you desire more details now, have a look at my recap of Biomass 7.2 Livestream. We will have detailed guides ready on launch day for the brand-new daily location, Dacron (and requisite Relic Hunt missions), PVP Season system, and setting up the new map and utility bars.


When the upgrade goes live, it’s possible that we may get this new kart on our login screens.

What’s featuring Update 7.2

Stay tuned for updates to existing class guides too. I’ll be upgrading guides for Marauder/ Guard in addition to any other changes BioWare may sneak in that they have not mentioned yet.