Knifeboy, the three -year work of Red Colony creator, reappears on Switch

The Japanese-Spanish producer Shinyuden already h a new Switch launch: Knife boy Rebooted, an action game and 2D platforms with a visual style unique its history.
This Metroidvania is set in a dystopian world with Steampunk elements in which the protagonist, Knives is the leader of a movement of the new world order’s oppression.
Unfortunately, once the victory w achieved, it w betrayed and killed by the person who w most trusted at the same time that a new oppressor regime w formed, leaving its deed in nothing.
Risen by the mysterious figure of Dr. J, now Knife boy h to take the reins of the rebellion again, unify the eclectic personalities that make up his forces and know part of a pt of his own that is between mists.
All this while exploring new locations, expires powerful enemies and improves your body with different skills that will allow you to go further.
The objectives are clear: overthrow the new government in the shadows, Anonymous, and rescue his girlfriend, Blue, imprisoned in an unknown whereabouts.

of the Creator of Red Colony

Knives w one of the first commercial works of Runic codes, the unipersonal study of Rune Shimotsuji Storm.
After completing a whole trilogy such that of Red Col Col Col, the Swedish developer, model and actor bed in Japan h decided to recover this work to which he dedicated three years of solo work, creating for her a series of improvements, adjustments and adjustments and
Added to take it to the Nintendo console and that the community that h gathered with its survival series Each can follow its previous works.
The game is globally available at SHOP for € 12.99/$ 14.99 in several languages, including Spanish.