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Moritz Wagner: I enjoy watching Franz

Following the game against Brooklyn Nets last Monday, Moritz Wagner took time to talk about his return after surviving injury and the Orlando Magic season so far.

After all, Moritz Wagner cannot spoil the mood-not even through the 16th defeat in the 21st game of the season. After the 102: 109 of his Orlando Magic at the Brooklyn Nets, the Big Man shows itself in the guest cabin of the Barclay Center, as you know it on the field: communicative and always with a saying in stock.

We improved compared to last year

Above all, the 25-year-old is happy to be back after his months of ankle injury, who not only cost him participation in Euro basket, but also damned him the first 18 games of this NBA season to watch. I’m fine, Wagner comments on about his physical condition. Of course, it always takes a bit if you were injured for longer. But I think I’m on a pretty good way, and I am happy to be able to play again. In the end, he comes to two points and five rebounds in eleven minutes against the Nets, the third game since his return.

He takes the fact that the Berliner had to watch the first month of the season from outside: Of course, every injury is frustrating, but it is also part of the job to stay positive and not let your head hang. The season is still long.

Stay positive also applies to Magic in general. Because although Orlando is in the table cellar of the Eastern Conference with a balance of 5-17, the team nevertheless proves that it is competitive. Ten of the 17 defeats were lost with ten points or fewer. And so Wagner consequently sums up at the previous course of the season: Winning is difficult in the NBA. I still think that we improved compared to last year: we are in the games. Now we have to learn how to win. But that takes time.

On Monday in the Barclays Center, Kevin Durant ultimately made the difference. The NETS superstar scored 45 points and was therefore primarily responsible for the success of his team. He was pretty unstoppable, also had to recognize Franz Wagner after the game against the assembled press. That evening he and KD faced each other in some possessions. It’s hard to play against someone like him, but it also makes you better as a player and as a team. I like these challenges.

Franz with progress as a playmaker

Franz Wagner, who had a good rhythm offensive and put on 21 points, but was also in foul problems-among other things because of Durant-also from this encounter. In the almost 31 minutes in the field, the 21-year-old once again demonstrated his versatility as a scorer. So he not only scored three times from outside, but also successfully completed in the z1. Wagner also prevailed twice in one-on-one against Durant.

In addition, Wagner was often responsible for carrying the ball forward. In his second year in the NBA, the national player at Magic is growing more and more into the role of the Playmaker. Even if the 21-year-old only came up with two assists that evening (on average it is 4.0 APG in 22/23), he kept managing to create rooms for teammates. Statistically, its most striking progress in play making is also the most striking. His assisting rose to 36 minutes from 3.4 to 4.4, as well as the rate of use (from 20.8 to 24.7 USG). In nine games, he already collected the most assists in the team.


His big brother Moritz, on the other hand, is covered with his sporting development. I am happy for Franz, but to be honest, I don’t rate how he plays. The personal relationship is much greater than the professional, said the 25-year-old. I just enjoy watching him. Like all of Orlando and Germany.