Willows first reviews are here

Willow is one of the most loved films of the 80s. It is a tape full of magic that many remember with love. In this way, when a Live Action series was announced for Disney+, the public was excited. After several months of waiting, the first two episodes of this production are already available, and the reception seems mixed.

On the one hand, Willow has an 86% qualification in Rotten Tomatoes by critics, with the majority pointing out that the series manages to capture the essence of the original film, although some have mentioned that it would have been better to make another tape. This was what Empire Magazine commented:

In the end, it is based much less on nostalgia and more to expand the world of the original film to cover a new complexity and new identities between all these Dawkins, and that is a real pleasure.

For his part, Rolling Stone said:

A program that cannot decide exactly what you want to be, or who is your target audience.


Similarly, The Hollywood Reporter added:

It is still a work in progress in terms of tone, rhythm and character, Willow of Disney+ offers enough things that are important for fans and will provide basic level fun to some curious neophytes.

Although most critics offer a positive reception, the public does not match this, since Willow has a 55% reception from the audiences. With only two available episodes, it is very likely that the two qualifications change in the coming weeks.

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Editor’s note:

I was never a big fan of Willow, so I don’t have any type of nostalgia relationship with the series. However, it seems that many of the negative opinions are oriented to the fact that this is a series, and not a film, something that could well have helped at its pace.