World Cup 2022 in Qatar Brazils start

It continues for both teams on Monday. While the Select strikes the Confederates at 5 p.m. and can currently make the round of 16 clear, Serbia challenges Cameroon 6 hours previously. When they take part, the eagles then urgently need to score in order to get the last 16 at a World Cup for the very first time.

In addition to captain Neymar, Coach Time sent a variety of offensive artists to the field, in the 4-3-3 the attack streak around Refined, Richardson and Vinicius Junior was allowed to try Serbia.

Serbia’s Rudely slept the beginning of the second round and indebted an objective by a hair (46th), but then the eagles held out well again, Brazil kept in mind little. Considerably, left-back Alex Sandro, who hit the post (60th) with his violence, had the best chance for Select.

Alex Sandro’s violent shot lets Select awakening-.

Brazil summons Casimir on the crossbar.


What followed was a Brazilian program run of the extra class, Serbia could no longer keep up and was almost helpless at the mercy of the fireworks. Casimir just struck the crossbar (81st), until the final whistle prevented goalkeeper Milinkovic-Savic with a series of parades, also a greater deficit, it stayed 2-0 for the sugar hat.

There were surprises on the opposite side of the eagles around coach Dragon Djokovic. Premier League-Torgman Mitotic, 80 million male Slavic, Poetic and Join stormed just on the bench.

The can opener did the Brazilian team well and above all the scorer. Just ten minutes after the 1-0 attack, the enemy of the Spurs handled a Vinicius Junior outside of Vinicius half-high and finished them worth seeing Volley by side puller (73. ).

For Djokovic, the focus was on the defensive, in the 5-3-1-1 Serbia of the Brazilian offending power came towards success in the first round. Lighting and centerpiece Neymar completely had numerous observers and was likewise stamped early by Pavlov.

The aluminum objective was a type of agitator for the Tie-Elf, only a brief time later on it rapped in the Serbs’ goal for the very first time: Neymar fueled itself through the penalty location, Milinkovic-Savic still parried strongly versus Vinicius Junior, however then ranks off Richardson ice-cold (63. ).

At the top of the world rankings, record world champ, in the 26-man squad only leading stars. When once again, the Select was among the top favorites to go to a World Cup, but Brazil has actually been waiting on the sixth title for 20 years.

The front three series was no various, after a great double pass with Lucas Parquet, just Refined had actually played a final the, which was really harmless in the end (35th). 4: 1 was the scoring data after 45 minutes per Brazil, the goalless draw corresponded to the events in the sold-out Lugsail Iconic Arena.