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Sony Microsoft wishes to make Playstation like Nintendo

The exchange of blows on the occasion of the scheduled takeover of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft goes into the next round.

In the file, Sony likewise responds to the claim that other platforms such as the Nintendo Change succeed without Call of Task. Such a declaration would neglect the truth that Nintendo’s strategy is plainly various from those of rivals Sony and Microsoft. According to Sony, Nintendo does not concentrate on shooter franchises for grownups, but on family-friendly video games.

After the head of PlayStation Jim Ryan just recently spoke of a history of the dominance of markets in relation to Microsoft, Sony Interactive Entertainment declares in a 22-page response to the British supervisory authority CMA that Microsoft’s real method behind the scheduled takeover of Activision Blizzard lies in letting PlayStation like Nintendo.

Microsoft declares that Nintendo’s separated design proves that PlayStation does not need a Call of Duty to compete effectively. However, this reveals the genuine strategy of Microsoft, says the description of her. Microsoft desires PlayStation like Nintendo so that it ends up being a less close and efficient rival for Xbox.

A big part of the declaration is dedicated to the Call of Responsibility series and the supposed damage that the merger between Microsoft and Activision Blizzard would do, according to Sony, as quickly as the shooter series leaves the competitive platform. Recently, however, there was talk of a ten-year agreement used, which Call of Responsibility would keep the PlayStation consoles over an extended period of time.

just point of contact for the best-selling shooters

According to Sony, Microsoft would manage irreplaceable content that reliably promote the commitment of the users: After the deal, Microsoft would control the content of Activision, which at the PlayStation guarantee more user interest as Said Best First celebration title.

Sony argues that Call of Responsibility in particular is irreplaceable and that the takeover by Microsoft would move the balance of power so much in favor of the Windows Group that the PlayStation would no longer be competitive.

The franchise is strongly anchored in the gamer psyche: Because the first publication of Call of Responsibility in 2003, each part has actually pointed out the charts continually, said Sony in the course of the file that includes the blackened percentage of the target group the business would lose the business in the event of a special publication of Call of Duty.

During its very first examinations, the CMA collected information that made it clear that the video games of Activision and Microsoft comprise 30 to 40 percent of all minutes of play on Consoles in Great Britain.

According to Sony, the Xbox after the deal would be the only point of contact for the best-selling shooter franchises on consoles, including Call of Duty, Halo, Gears of War, Doom and Overwatch, which Microsoft’s competitive pressure minimizes substantially would.

Independent developers would also suffer damage

Because Microsoft PlayStation/PlayStation Plus leaves out, it would most likely end up being an important sales channel for independent designers. In this weakened negotiating position, independent developers would probably get worse conditions for their content from Microsoft and even be forced to assure exclusivity in return for sales, which would minimize the ability and reward to invest independent developers in high-quality brand-new video games. This in turn would also harm customers even more, stated Sony.

According to Sony, the conclusion of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft would not only harm the PS5 maker. If Microsoft obtained sole control over the content of Activision, Independent developers would also be impaired.

In addition, Sony anticipates an increase in costs for games, hardware and subscriptions: In the medium term, a significant number of PlayStation users to Xbox and/or Video game Pass would most likely change. In view of the weaker competition, Microsoft would have the ability to increase the prices for consoles and games for Xbox users (consisting of those who have actually changed from the PlayStation), increase the rate for the game passport and decrease development and quality.

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Such a declaration would overlook the truth that Nintendo’s method is clearly various from those of competitors Sony and Microsoft. Microsoft declares that Nintendo’s distinguished design proves that PlayStation does not require a Call of Task to compete successfully. Microsoft desires PlayStation like Nintendo so that it becomes a less close and efficient rival for Xbox.


Considering That Microsoft PlayStation/PlayStation Plus excludes, it would most likely become a crucial sales channel for independent developers. In this weakened negotiating position, independent designers would most likely get worse conditions for their material from Microsoft or even be forced to promise exclusivity in return for sales, which would decrease the ability and reward to invest independent developers in premium new video games.

Ultimately, according to Sony, Microsoft’s foreclosure method would bind lots of consumers to the Xbox, including existing Xbox users who play the Call of Responsibility, and those who change from the PlayStation to play Call of Task.
Sony Interactive Home entertainment is confident that the CMA stage 2 assessment will validate that the transaction will probably substantially be and restrict prohibited, the company concluded.
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