Pokemon Scarlett & Violet sold 10 million copies in 3 days

Pokémon, one of the world’s most famous IPs. I was able to confirm the status again. The Pokémon Scarlet & Violet, which was officially released on November 18, was found to have sold more than 10 million totals in Japan and 5.95 million in Japan within three days of its launch.

The most eye-catching is that it has achieved the best release of Pokémon IP in Japan as well as in Japan. The Pokémon series, which has been released as a Nintendo console so far, has recorded the best performance every time, but Pokémon Scarlett & Violet has changed its previous record.

Pokémon Sword & Shield’s first week of global sales exceeded 6 million copies, and ‘Pokémon Areas’, which introduced the first open world for the first time, exceeded 6.5 million copies of the previous record. & Violet ‘has achieved 10 million copies in three days. The Nintendo’s own survey results are three days of launch, so the first week’s sales may be higher than this.


However, it is the Pokémon Scarlet & Violet, which recorded the best opening performance in the series, but apart from the performance, the evaluation itself is the lowest among the aforementioned Sword & Shield and Areas. In addition to the graphics, visuals, and animations that are more severe than their predecessors, they have been evaluated as a total difficulty due to all kinds of bugs, with 76 open critical scores, 76 meta critical rating, and 2.9 users.