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Scarlet and Violet Pokemon: Explanation of automatic battles

In scarlet and violet Pokémon, there is a completely new feature in the series that allows you to send your Pokémon to automatically fight against the savages on their own. It is a quick way to train your Pokémon and level up to your team without much effort. However, you still have to start an automatic battle, and you may not know how to do it. Here is everything you need to know about automatic battles in scarlet and violet Pokémon.

How to automatically fight in scarlet and violet Pokémon

The automatic fight is very easy to start in scarlet and violet Pokémon, and you can do it very early in the game once you start meeting wild Pokémon.

All you have to do is press the R shoulder button to release the Pokémon leader in your group. If there is no wild Pokémon around, your own Pokémon will simply run. However, if you like a wild launch, an automatic battle will begin.

How does the automatic battle work?

The best part of the automatic battle is that it occurs in the background while you continue exploring the outside world. It does not stop the game to take you to the normal battle interface; Your Pokémon fights completely alone.

As you will not select any of your Pokémon’s battle movements, the automatic battle occurs very quickly and the result is determined by the level and type of each Pokémon. If you win, the wild Pokémon will disappear and your Pokémon will win some XP. If you lost, your Pokémon will run to you with your HP reduced to orange or red.

Pros and cons of the automatic battle

There are several benefits linked to automatic battle. The first is that it is a very fast way to level up to your Pokémon while you continue running around the world. Your Pokémon neither can fail while fighting automatically; They return to you if their health is too low. In addition, when you defeat the savages while fighting automatically, you can be rewarded with materials that you can use to do TM.

However, there are also some inconveniences in automatic battles. You cannot catch Wild Pokémon with this method, so do it only if you agree that the opponent faints. Another possible inconvenience is that you can end up using a greater amount of potions than usual to heal if your Pokémon loses many of the fights.

Be sure to take into account these pros and cons when you decide how much you want to participate in the automatic battle while traveling through Pale.


That is all you need to know about automatic battles in scarlet and violet Pokémon. Be sure to consult again with to get more tips, tricks and guides on the game, as information about the levels at which each of the beginners evolves and how to heritage Pokémon.

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