Dragon ball z:dokkan battle

Valorant: Great skill display of Shopify Rebellion and Team Liquid that advance in Gamechangers


A second day of action within VCT Paperhangers where the remaining 4 squads begin with the action in the competition to seek to demonstrate their great level in the contest, after the previous day the previous day the agents are still in the contest to be able to have that little chance to continue for the superior bracket where G2 Dozen expects rival which was defined on this day.

Starting with the duel of Shopify Rebellion against Guild X, a classic of Na vs EMEA, which would have Pearl as the first scenario where we would see the first overtime of the tournament where Lori would be the key with 31 casualties that give them the map. For the second map we see Haven where we see Smurfette with a jet that hit hard to give the battle draw, a decisive map of Icebox arriving the reaction of the girls of North America was present with a complete domain thanks to WONDER that gives them the victory.

During the second series Team Liquid would face Fennel in a first map of Ascent that began dominating the girls of Brazil with Nat1 that gave a great meeting to be able to take the first point, in the second icebox contest he is present with very even duels on both sides Until the change of sides where the Japanese wreaked havoc with Isuzu to tie the series. During the third map we traveled to Breeze where things were quite couples where neither of the two squads would give up some so easy point to seek victory, but it would be until 9-9 where the liquid gave the pressure that would be the key to be able to take the encounter Thanks to Basted’s plays.

Concluding the action of the day, with great samples of power of the four teams that did a splendid job within the competition, the game between Shopify Rebellion and Team Liquid was reprogrammed for tomorrow to define the second team that advances by the Superior bracket on this side, in the same way the action of the teams that had a defeat yesterday begins to seek redemption.