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Lord Voldemort actor would be interested in participating in more Harry Potter projects

Currently, the Harry Potter franchise could be considered as stagnant, since the main saga of the films ended 10 years ago, and fantastic animals did not finish convincing the public. Despite having this scenario, some actors like Ralph Fences (Voldemort), remain positive for a possible return.

Through new interviews, the artist has commented that he would like to return to the role of the dark wizard, although he would not be so sure, because the character has no return after his fall in the seventh book. This can also imply that additional scenes that did not originally come out in the films of the saga can be recorded.

This is what he said:

Of course, of course. No doubt about it.


One of the alternatives that may arise, is that at some point of the following fantastic animals films the villain appears, because we must not forget that it is a prequel to Harry Potter’s adventures. However, that is hundreds of years before history, so Voldemort has not yet been born, unless they do a Time skip before Harry is born.

For their part, fans have mentioned that they want to spin off movies of the saga, in which we see the point of view of certain characters, thus exploring the possible past of Voldemort more thoroughly, or even something dedicated to Dumbledore. But, this would imply that J.K. Rowling must write those stories, something that will surely not happen soon.

For now, the future of the Harry Potter saga in audiovisual media is uncertain.