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There would already be conversations to produce Harry Potter content

Since Warner Bros. Discovery has new presidents, the company’s situation can be considered as an uncertain, this for several properties ranging from Scooby-Doo to the heroes of DC Comics . Another of those affected is neither more nor less than the Harry Potter saga, since it has not been mentioned having more content of it.

However, fans can be relieved, since the head of original productions of HBO Max, Sarah Aubrey, has mentioned that there are already current conversations to know what is being done with the brand. So despite the disaster that was had with the last tape of fantastic animals , there could be more material either in films or series.

We are a lot in the business of creating new content for those Warding World fans and thinking about what to do next.

The series Fantastic animals was scheduled to include five deliveries, although even before launch, reports arose that the future of the series depended on the financial success of Dumbledore’s secrets . After their disappointing performance, the reports indicated that the fourth and fifth planned film could be combined in one.

Even so, the followers of the franchise expect to see the last two tapes that will close the story of Newt Salamander and above all, have a scene in link with Harry Potter in the end.

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Editor’s note: Interest in the magical world will surely be revealed in February next year, this with the launch of Hogwarts Legacy on consoles and PC. If people respond well, Warner is likely to continue developing content about the magician.