Romanian artists paint buses to promote God of War: Ragnarok

The release of Sony’s new God of War franchise title: Ragnarök is present in street marketing actions around the world. In azil, for example, several bus stops were decorated to represent Nordic regions that are in the game.

Across the Atlantic Ocean, artistic actions are also in full swing. A Romanian team of Graffiti artists did a job for the game developer involving an entire bus with references to the game.

Yes: There is a bus in Bucharest, the capital of Romania, stamped with the face of Rates.


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The team published, on their Instagram, the process of creating the drawings for the bus. It was necessary a team of five artists to do the work, which was done on a bus from the Stubaitalbahn line.

In a Reddit topic, a Romanian user who used the bus to go to work commented that it is common to appreciate street art in the country, so that several buses in the capital are painted with generic designs-but stressed that this is the first time who sees a sponsored art in these vehicles.

Check it out, then, photos of the bus completed: