Ibai refuses to go to the World Cup in Qatar with the Spanish team: I dont get out of the balls

IAI Llanos gets wet. The well-known Streamer, part of the Big Four of Twitch, seems to oppose the World Cup in his latest statements, in which claims to have rejected travel to the country and have refused to make content related to the tournament and the Spanish selection.

I w the opportunity to And I am not going to do it . I made the decision weeks ago, it is not that I have taken it today. I will not do it.


Even if not too much in your motives, it is not difficult to imagine the reons. There are more than missing. The list of human rights violated by qatar does not stop growing. If IAI clarifies that he h not made the decision today is because in the lt hours, Khalid Salman, former player and ambsador of the World Cup, h insisted that long the tournament lts we must respect the rules of his country, where homosexuality is still prohibited And it is considered damage to the mind .

IAI talk with piqué after her farewell

However contradictory it is, because Piqué h business with the countries of the Persian Gulf and even w one of the main responsible for the Spanish Super Cup to move to the Arab Emirates , IAI h also announced a new streaming with the already former Barcelona player. This same Wednesday will take place November 9 at 23: 00 (Spanish local time) and it will be the first time they are seen on Twitch after these tumultuous months in which the soccer player Rule h not stopped monopolizing headlines in the heart press . United among many other projects by KOI, his team joint eSports, we will see what they both have to announce this time.