Fortnites 52 most rare skins

It is the beginning of a new year, and those who still play the iconic Battle Royale game probably wonder what Rare Masks of Fortnite in 2022 are. Well, we have gathered this list of the rarest masks we could find and compile them all in a practical list.

What is the rarest skin in Fortnite?

52. Double propeller

The double helix is one of Fortnite’s rare skins. It comes as part of a Nintendo Switch hardware package, so only players who disbursed money to buy this specific switch SKU can obtain it.

51. Habitat

Easily, the rarest mask in Fortnite in 2021 was Habitat. The article was originally launched in September 2018 for 1500 V-Bucks and has not returned since then.

There are 748 days since it appeared for the last time in the articles store!

fifty. Axiom

The Axiom mask is part of the Third Eye team and was originally launched on March 20, 2019. It was available for 1,200 V-Bucks in the articles store during Fortnite Chapter 1 Season 8.

It was last seen more than 600 days ago!

49. Prion

Another mask of the Third Eye set, Prion was also launched on March 20, 2019, for 1,200 V-Bucks.

Prion’s skin is a great female spy skin, perfect for all the stealthy types.

48. Radiant striker

Despite having appeared several times in the articles store since its original launch on April 7, 2018, Radiant Striker has not returned to the articles store since December 1, 2019.

That means that masks have been missing for almost 18 months. It is not the most exciting of masks, so there is the possibility that I never return to the articles store in favor of more impressive designs.

47. Hyperion

The Hyperion appearance is a rare aspect of the Hyper set. It was launched on February 16, 2018, by 1200 V-Bucks.

It was last available 769 days ago on January 1. 30, 2019. It is another quite basic mask, with one of the predetermined mask characters that represents an orange shirt with a blue and gold headband.

46. Jack Gordon

A skin with a pumpkin per head. We love this, and that is why Jack Gordon is our Fortnite Rare aspect in Fortnite.

Run in October 2018 for the Halloween period, Jack Gordon has only returned to the articles store five more times since then. The best thing you can do to get this rare Fortnite appearance now is to keep your eyes open in the articles store around Halloween in the future. Even then, there is no guarantee to return.

Four. Five. Midnight operations

Part of the Stealth Syndicate set and a blue rarity skin, Midnight Ops is another of those cosmetics that simply does not do so much the rounds in the articles store.

In fact, the 10 appearances in the articles store were between its initial launch in April 2018 and October of that year. It has not been seen since then. What cunning skin, cunning.

44. Deep-waters destroyer and deep water dominator

The Deep and Deep Sea destroyer aspects are part of the DEEP Sea Set. Both masks were launched in February 2019 and have not been seen in the articles store since June 17 of that year.

These masks are rare simply because of the time that has passed since we saw them appear in the articles store.

It only appears three times in total in the articles store and on June 17, 2019, it was 739 days ago. If you managed to catch this at that time, you may have obtained incredibly rare skin.

43. Star rangers

Another group of festive masks, the Star Spangled Ranger are Epic cosmetics to help celebrate July 4. In addition, they only appear in the articles store around this great American holiday.

If you ask us, they are quite your skins. But those who seek to build their collection of rare masks of Fortnite, this is one that will want to add to their locker.

42. ELF code name

Obviously, Fortnite’s festive skin is festive… and weird! Code name EF is one of the rarest masks in Fortnite due to the fact that you can only buy in the articles store, and is almost never there.

Originally launched in December 2017, the mask was only in the articles store twice, once then and another at the end of January. 2018… For some strange reason.
However, he appeared in the polar Legends Pack, but since it was a set of a little more expensive festive theme, we continue to think that Code name ELF is still a rare aspect of Fortnite.

41. Knucklehead

Hollow head is like Jack Gordon’s skin mentioned above, but with steroids that make his head shine sinisterly. Originally launched through Item Shop on October 18, the appearance has only appeared four more times since then.

Three times before Halloween 2018 and twice in 2019 at the end of October. His lack of appearances in the articles store makes it a very rare Fortnite aspect.

40. Fables

The Fable appearance was part of the battle pass of season 6 of Fortnite Chapter 1 and required the players to reach level 47 to unlock it.

This is not a reactive mask, nor does it have any special ability or alternative style that can select. It is rare simply because it never appears in the articles store after its debut in the battle pass.

39. Gave

The LIRE appearance was the level 100 reward in season 6. In its stage 1 form, it is quite basic and quite common. However, to become a full werewolf with this mask, the players had to accumulate 250,000 XP to get stage 6.

It is this Stage 6 mask dire that appears on our list of rare masks of Fortnite. Since the mask does not return to the articles store, if you still do not have it, it is not lucky.

38. Galaxy skin

You have guessed it, it is another exclusive Fortnite masks of the platform. The Galaxy mask was available for those who bought the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 or the Galaxy Tab S4. Once he had any of these devices, he simply had to download Fortnite and log in with his account to add it to his locker.

Unfortunately, the Galaxy mask was suspended after the launch of these two devices, which means that if you did not get one at that time, you can never get the Galaxy mask.

37. Spine

If you are looking for a hard motorcyclist skin with a rude appearance in Fortnite, then the backbone skin is indicated for you. This aspect is the epitome of the member of a gang of American motorcyclists and was launched in the articles store on August 31, 2018.

Since then, Backbone has only appeared in the articles store three times, one in September and October 2018 respectively, and another in February 2019.

As the mask can only be purchased at the articles store, the Backbone mask has become one of Fortnite’s rare masks that you can have in your locker.

36. Omega

Fortnite’s Omega mask was the level 100 reward for the battle pass of season 4. Complete all those challenges and complete enough games and could have been yours.

Omega’s appearance had a series of additional parts and unlockable styles that players could get when concentrating on their season level in season 4. Therefore, if you see someone with a completely decorated omega with red, green, purple, purple accents Or yellow, you know you are getting into a professional.

35. Blue team leader

The blue team leader was not an aspect of level 100. Nor does it rarely appear in the articles store. Instead, this mask is rare because it is exclusive to PlayStation Plus subscribers.

PS Plus Fortnite Battle Royale: PlayStation Plus Celebration Pack is a free download from PlayStation Store for PS Plus subscribers and contains the Blue Team Leader appearance.

Even then, it is such a small portion of players, and not all eligibles have downloaded it. This was an easy way to get one of Fortnite’s rare masks in 2021.

3. 4. Christmas rangers

Yuletide Ranger is a festive aspect, as you will have guessed by name. While it only costs 800 V-Bucks when it appears in the articles store, it is still quite rare due to its limited time for sale.

He made multiple appearances during the festive season of 2020, but is still one of the masks with fewer functions in the Fortnite articles store.

33. Recognition expert

Recon Expert was possibly Fortnite’s weird aspect in 2021. The reason? A perfect storm of factors.

First, Recon Expert is not the most exciting aspect you can get in Fortnite. He also launched when Fortnite was still growing in popularity in October 2017.

The mask made seven appearances in the articles store during 2020, but they are still very few compared. As such, it did not sell very well when it was launched for the first time due to the least number of players and that it was quite uninteresting. Now it is sought simply because of how strange it is.

32. Happy Murder

If you want to play Fortnite as a man of angry ginger bread, then you don’t look for Merry Marauder.

This mask is, once again, a festive mask and only a handful of times in the articles store has appeared. He also launched when Fortnite was not very popular, which certainly helped make him one of Fortnite’s rare skins.

31. Relegated assailant

Now we are entering some of Fortnite’s masks rare and really hard. Renegade Raider was only available for those who played Battle Royale in season 1. You had to reach level 20 to have the option to buy it for 1200 V-Bucks in what was then known as Season Shop.

Renegade Raider has never appeared in the articles store since then.

30. Air Assault Soldier

The Assault Trooper Aerial is another incredibly rare masks of Fortnite for a reason similar to that of Renegade Raider.

This mask was only available during season 1 and required players to reach level 15 before having the option to buy it in the ‘Seasonal store’, as it was called at that time by 1200 V-Bucks. Taking into account that almost nobody played Fortnite at that time, these are stupidly rare.

29. Wet Triton

Moist Merman is a reminder of past times at Fortnite Battle Royale. A bastion of the Moist era. Anyway, now that we have finished remembering, we should probably explain why it is so rare.

With a high price of 2000 V-Buck, and having appeared in the articles store less than 20 times since its launch in May 2018, it is not surprising that the players have not come in mass to buy it.

28. To become night

Dusk is part of the Night Coven team and originally appeared as part of the battle pass of season 6 of Fortnite Chapter 1. The players had to reach level 71 to unlock it.


Since then, Dusk has not appeared in the articles store, and given its requirement of relatively high level unlocking in the battle pass does all those seasons, it is one of the rarest masks that you can get in Fortnite.

27. Necrophagous soldier

The Ghoul Trooper is one of Fortnite Halloween’s spooky masks, and is one of the OG masks sought by many. Run in October 2017 for Halloween, Ghoul Trooper’s appearance has only returned to the articles store briefly for periods around the spooky season in 2019 and 2020.

Given its rare appearances, it is still one of Fortnite’s rare skins.

26. The Reaper

Before John Wick’s appearance was launched with official license last year, Epic Games was a bit cunning and had The Reaper. Although he now says that John Wick is not supposed to be since its launch (however, it is totally), The Reaper was so sought after because everyone wanted to be…