NFL Playoff Picture 2022: So it is currently in the playoff race

That comes to the playoffs? The NFL transforms onto the Regular Season target line, SPOT maintains you up to day week after week.

NFL: That involves the playoffs?

As normal currently, only the respective leading seed will certainly get a walk-through in round 1. Places 5 to 7 go to the wildcard teams.
| Wildcard Round: 14. Until January 16, 2023| Divisional round: 21. And January 22, 2023| Champion Sunday: 29. January 2023| super bowl lvii: 12. February 2023

As in the previous year, seven groups per seminar get to the Playoffs-Die four division victors and 3 wildcard groups. The technology of the previous year, particularly among the Wildcard Gaming, will certainly continue Monday night. That indicates: Two video games will happen on wildcard saturday, also 3 on Sunday and also after that there is the Monday Video game of the round.

NFL Playoffs 2022/23

In the NFL playoffs, the seminars, i.e. the AFC and also NFC, first play out their corresponding champs among themselves, which then satisfy in the Super Bowl. Formerly, Glendale was the venue for the Super Bowls CLII (2007 period) and also LIX (season 2014).

If there are teams with the same equilibrium, a number of connection breakers use:

  • First off, the direct contrast applies if both have actually bet each other.
  • If they are groups from the very same division, the department equilibrium is then legitimate. If the groups originate from different divisions, the balance counts within their very own conference.
  • After that the annual report in games versus opponents that both interplay.


  • Must 2 teams still get on similarly, points like the trouble of the tactical plan and so forth hold. You can find all the connection breakers in the introduction here.

NFL Playoff Photo: The AFC

This is what the AFC playoffs would resemble today:
| AFC front-runner |– |– |–
# 1: Buffalo Costs (6-1) | | bye Week .| AFC Wildcard Road |.
# 2: Tennessee Titans (5-2) | | # 7: Los Angeles Chargers (4-3) .| AFC Wildcard Round |.
# 3: Kansas City Chiefs (5-2) | | # 6: Miami Dolphins (5-3) .| AFC Wildcard Round |.
# 4: Baltimore Ravens (5-3) | | # 5: New York City Jets (5-3) .

The chiefs are just in advance of the Chargers in the AFC West and also in the AFC North there is a head-to-head race between the Ravens and also Bengals.

In the AFC, the Costs are currently on program for the Home-Field Benefit in the Playoffs, while the Titans behind have currently likewise climbed the top of the AFC South as well as here they seem to be unparalleled with a 2.5 video game lead.

Remarkable: After eight weeks, the AFC East is not only represented with three teams on the playoff locations, it is likewise the only department of the NFL without a team with an unfavorable equilibrium.

AFC Playoffs: That remains in a luck setting?

The NFC West is most likely to be the most difficult affordable division of the NFC, even the Rams need to not be from the race.

Seed Team Annual report.
# 8 Cincinnati Bengals 4-4 .
# 9 New England Patriots 4-4 .
# 10 Indianapolis Colts 3-4-1 .
# 11 Denver Broncos 3-5 .
# 12 Cleveland Browns 3-5 .
# 13 Las Vega Raiders 2-5 .
# 14 Jacksonville Jaguars 2-6 .
# 15 Pittsburgh Steelers 2-6 .
# 16 Houston Texans 1-5-1 .

NFL Playoff Photo: The NFC.

The NFC playoffs would certainly look today:.

The Vikings surprisingly dominate the NFC North and are currently 3.5 games in advance of Environment-friendly Bay, which needs to slowly scrunch up your eyes in the direction of Wildcard.

A snail race is on the other hand the NFC South, in which whatever is simply waiting for the Bus to lastly discover midway back to the typical type. And also regarding the Wildcard image is concerned, 2 NFC-East groups are controlling and also the Commanders are still very after it.
| NFC front-runner |.
— |– |–
# 1: Philadelphia Eagles (7-0) | | | bye Week .| NFC Wildcard Road |.
# 2: Minnesota Vikings (6-1) | | # 7: San Francisco 49ers (4-4) .| NFC Wildcard Round |.
# 3: Seattle Seahawks (5-3) | | # 6: New York Giants (6-2) .| NFC Wildcard Round |.
# 4: Atlanta Falcons (4-4) | | # 5: Dallas Cowboys (6-2) .

The Eagles are the only unbeaten team of the NFL and also are one and also a half video games in front of the cowboys in the NFC East, wherein they have currently won the first duel with each other.

NFC Playoffs: That remains in a luck position?

A worthwhile wedding celebration: Just how the NFL group owners involved their cash.

Seed Team Annual report.
# 8 Washington Commanders 4-4 .
# 9 Los Angeles Rams 3-4 .
# 10 Tampa Fl Bay Buccaneers 3-5 .
# 11 Eco-friendly Bay Packers 3-5 .
# 12 Arizona Cardinals 3-5 .
# 13 New Orleans Saints 3-5 .
# 14 Chicago Bears 3-5 .
# 15 Carolina Panthers 2-6 .
# 16 Detroit Lions 1-6 .

NFL Playoffs: What’s next after the Wildcard Round?

The front-runners of the AFC and also NFC only get to into the video game after the Wildcard Round, i.e. in the local round, as well as certainly they also have house conservative self-self-self-self-self-self-self in a feasible national championship. Otherwise, the residence right always goes to the group, which is the greatest in the seed list.

Eaten AFC divisional round away team .
# 1 seed Most affordable seed according to bathroom round .
Eaten AFC divisional round away team .
Second-highest possible seed according to toilet round Third-greatest seed after bathroom round .
Eaten AFC Championship Video Game away group .
higher seed lower seed .

The NFL transforms onto the Regular Period target line, SPOT keeps you up-to-date week after week.

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As in the previous year, seven teams per meeting get to the Playoffs-Die four division winners as well as three wildcard groups. That indicates: 2 video games will certainly take place on wildcard saturday, also three on Sunday as well as then there is the Monday Game of the round.

As normal currently, just the respective leading seed will get a walk-through in round 1. Places 5 to 7 go to the wildcard groups.

AFC Playoffs: This is exactly how it goes on.

Eaten NFC divisional round away group .
# 1 seed Most affordable seed according to bathroom round .
Eaten NFC divisional round away group .
Second-highest seed according to bathroom round Third-greatest seed after commode round .
Eaten NFC National Championship away team .
higher seed lower seed .

NFC Playoffs: This is how it takes place.

The divisional round is concrete as adheres to: The front-runner fulfills the most affordable seed of the Meeting in your home. As well as in the 2nd game of the round, the greater group satisfies the reduced group.