Freya God of War Ragnarok: Origin and Relations in Nordic Mythology

Following the series of articles dedicated to the important characters of Nordic mythology, we have Freya (or Frigga) . See the origin of the goddess and the confusion of names of this one that must be one of the highlights of God of War Ragnarök in search of revenge for the death of his son Balder.

Freya/Frigga: origin and relationship between the characters


Freya is the Queen of Names, as well as almost all nearby variations (Fran, Freya, Freida, Freda, From, Free, etc.), it can also be called Frigga . This is even quoted in God of War 2018 when Atreus says he thought Frigga was Balder’s mother.

The reason given by Mimic is that Odin was married to Freya and had several children (Balder between them). When they separated and Freya married Our, Odin changed the name of the goddess when they were married. Thus, the story tells that Odin was married and had children with Frigga and not with Freya (though they were the same goddess). That way Odin erased Freya’s whole story under this nickname.

In Nordic mythology out of God of War, it is speculated that both names have the same origin: the German goddess Frida . Having two goddesses is an exclusively Scandinavian phenomenon, as the name Freya is simply considered a title and not a goddess elsewhere.

The possible explanation is that as the antiquity tribes were separating, each ended up adopting different names for the same goddess. Therefore, here and in go we will consider Freya and Frigga as the same deity .

Meanings of the names

Freya’s name is derived from a Germanic word meaning lady. Already Frigga means beloved in an old Nordic.


Freya is one of the main goddesses of the Vania, a group of gods that were able to oppose the air , the clan of the main gods. His parents are Fjord (god of the sea and the winds) and Said (goddess of winter and mountains). She has a twin other named Fear , chief of the Vania.

She has two daughters called Cross ( Test) and Version (join) with her husband Our , that is, this couple is son of nickname Freya. Under the nickname Frigga and fruits of marriage to Odin, she had four children: Balder, Hour, Herod and Tar.

Freya: function and attributes


Goddess of what?

Freya is the goddess of love, attraction and fertility , but it is also a warrior goddess . While Odin welcomed the fallen warriors in Valhalla, she did the same at Folksinger . It is considered the first of the Valkyrie.

Freya is also a magic goddess adept at Sadr a practice of magic/witchcraft/shamanism of pagan times, mainly reserved for women, but the goddess installs all air.

How can we recognize it?

Freya is often portrayed as a beautiful woman with blue eyes, golden hair or sometimes redheads . His symbolic animal is the nut, animal figure of fertility. It also has two giant cats, that pull their carriage .

Finally, Freya has objects that differentiate her: A magical necklace, ysingamen , made of gold and adorned with amber, which made her irresistible when using it, and a jacket made of hawk features and that gave him the capacity to turn into a bird and fly between the worlds .

mythological references and possible connection with the game

Freya Tears

Her husband, Our, disappeared shortly after the marriage. Freya regrets her loss, spilling Golden tears that when falling into the sea become amber .

Freya and Ragnarök

We do not know Freya’s fate during Ragnarök . But, according to mythology, show this battle will have the death of many gods, including that of Fear, Freya’s twin other.