Checklists merge: Alexander Wrabetz just quick

The SK Rapid general conference will certainly increase on November 26th.
There is just one list to pick: that of Alexander Waltz.
As thekrone Datingrecords, just a checklist will certainly be available at the Rapid general conference on November 26.
According to this, the 2 remaining checklists have settled on a joint begin after intensive examinations.
The former OF general supervisor Alexander Waltz is now the leading in the race and is the only candidate for the presidium political election in Dusseldorf.
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Can be terminated any time.
Michael Toner, Steffen Hoffmann and Burden Wilma are still on the checklist of the 62-year-old.

Furthermore, candidates on the various other side additionally appear.
Amongst them Stefan Vocalist, Stefan Khmer and also Michael Hat.
Andreas Track is stated to be beside Waltz.