Konami reveals a totally new Silent Hill

Not happy with the revelation of the remake of Silent Hill 2 , the first look at _return to silent hill, and the confirmation of two other projects, INAMI has also given us the first look at Silent Hill F,A completely new project in charge of the study that worked at Resident Evil Re: See .


Although the participation of Neo bards Entertainment, developers, may not be liking everything, Silent Hill F_ will feature a story created by Ryukishi07 , a renowned Japanese writer who has worked on various anime, sleeves and video games.

Unfortunately, for the moment there is no more information available on this project. However, apparently in the trailer, this will continue to be an adventure of psychological terror, but with a Japanese setting, where we control a young student . In related issues, here you can see the first look at the silent Hill 2 remake. Similarly, this is what we know about return to silent hill.