Netflix has a plan to change your account

Currently, Netflix is carrying out several strategies to make the public stop sharing their subscriptions. Not only is a cheaper plan on its way, although with ads, but recently a measure was announced to make those who still do not decide on a path, do so. **

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Netflix is planning to integrate a profile migration for all those who wish to obtain their own account without many problems. The transfer includes your activity within the service, so you will not lose your content history already seen, or those stored on your list to see later . There is also talk of personal adjustments related to reproduction.


This option will be available in various countries once the new plan with advertisements reaches certain regions . In the case of Mexico, that will be from November 1. In related issues, you can learn more about the new netflix plan here. Similarly, this is the blockbuster series trailer for this platform.

Editor’s note:

Netflix must understand that conserving the profile is not the reason to share passwords, but its prices, which have risen substantially in various regions. Surely this intention will be a failure.