The change of beef mascot in Overwatch 2 makes a sad voice. Lost the fascinating elastic balloon, firmness

Some users seem to be sad about changes in objects on the map in Overwatch 2 . It is said that the cow’s mascot doll with elasticity has lost its elasticity.

Overwatch 2 is an online battle FPS game handled by Blizzard Entertainment. It was released on October 5 as a basic play free title. At the same time as the service of the previous work Overwatch, which gained popularity, the distribution was started instead. Heroes and maps have continued from the previous work, and the players from the previous work will feel like a continuation of the ground from Overwatch.

On the other hand, there are some parts that have changed. In Overwatch 2, the number of teams was changed from 6 to 5 of the previous work. There were also changes such as the addition of new characters and new maps and the hero rework. And now, it seems that a certain change that has little effect on gameplay is attracting player’s attention. It is behavior of beef dolls.

The hottest beef dolls are located in the Downtown area of the map Susan of this work. The area, which depicts Susan, South Korea in the world, has many play spots and restaurants such as movie theaters and game centers. If it is not a place for the combat of heroes, it is a cityscape that is likely to be crowded with people. There are also signs that seem to be distracting people and dolls of mascot characters. Beef dolls are one of these mascot dolls.

This cow doll holds a fork-like thing in his hand and smiles while putting his tongue out. Considering the pattern of the animals that are cooked as a signboard character that are common in restaurants, it may be a mascot such as a yakiniku restaurant. Depending on the team, it will encounter the cow immediately after leaving the spawn point, making it an impressive landmark. In addition to love a fluffy body and a smile, the most attractive mascot was elasticity. This is because the cow seems to be made of a material like a balloon, and it shakes with Boyon in response to shooting. Many players have been healed by the soft and soft elastic cattle in the battle world.

However, it is said that such a healing beef mascot became overwatch 2 and went wrong. The video above is a TikTok posted by user Nanak.k.k. In the video, the irresistible elasticity, which was proud of the previous cow, is projected. He uses a reaper, one of the heroes, and shoots a cow with a shotgun. The rhythmic bullet is as if you are dancing with Boyon on the right and left, and shows off the softness that you want to hug.

On the other hand, as soon as it shifted to Overwatch 2, the cow’s elasticity seemed to go crazy. When a shotgun is given, the epidermis enters the inside as if you lost the power to push back. If you shoot further, the cows will shrink in a way that is impossible in reality. The author has actually verified and confirmed in the Overwatch 2 game. The elasticity of the cow has been lost. Strictly speaking, it still keeps the balloon-like behavior. Also, except for shooting by shotguns, it seems to be difficult to act in the swelling. However, the shooting of a powerful shotgun has been removed as skin firmness has disappeared. In the big impact, it became a mess, so I couldn’t enjoy the shaking body with Boyonboyoung.

Many people are sad about such changes in cows. More than 2,800 comments have been commented on the above-mentioned videos by Nanak.k.k, with more than 630,000 likes at the time of writing. Among them, in addition to the poster himself, the users also posted opinions that spare the elasticity of the cow. Some say, Returned (the elasticity of the cow) and it was the joy of this map. The above-mentioned videos spread by domestic and foreign users on SNS. It was also introduced on Reddit, and comments on despair have been commented, saying, They have taken everything from me. Overseas media such as GamesRadar+also reported this situation. The sadness that Boyon beef has been lost is spreading around the world.

Overwatch 2 just released last week. Several bugs that affect gameplay have been reported, and the developer is currently working on an update. On the other hand, although the loss of cow firmness is a strange behavior, it is unknown whether it is a defect or a specification change. At least, there is almost no effect on gameplay, but some fans are just sorrowful. However, I hope that someday the cows will regain their firmness and the cow fans will regain their smiles.

Overwatch 2 is distributed for free for PC/PlayStation 4/PlayStation 5/Xbox One/Xbox Series X | S/Nintendo Switch for free.