CO-OP Ghost Hunt ACT Phantom Hysteria Steam early access start-identifying and weakened ghosts and expelled from this world with weapons

LUNAR TALE GAMES has released a cooperative horror action adventure Phantom Hysteria with Steam early access.

This work is a ghost hunt game that supports up to 4 people from playing one player. Players select four types of classes with different roles and identify and deal with ghosts in the map using equipment such as EMF meters and phantom books.

The ghost you found must identify the type, find the causes such as totems and runes and weaken it. The weak ghosts are substantial, so attack with weapons such as dedicated rifles and water guns with holy water and drive them out of this world. There are also elements that are equipped with an Arcane card that can be obtained in the game to enhance the ability.

Early access period is scheduled for about one year. The build at the time of release has four maps and 22 types of equipment, and the core of the game can be experienced. New maps, ghosts and weapons are added to the product version. In addition, ghost types will be added regularly to avoid getting tired of the game.

Phantom Hysteria is being distributed by Steam early access. In the future, we will consider the development of other platforms, and we plan to respond to cross-processing.