New sorcerese times

Since 2009, I have played Bayonet ta in Xbox 360, in Xbox One, at Wii U, on PC, on Switch, in PlayStation 4, in Xbox Series X; Not long ago, in July, shortly after the release date of Bayonet ta 3 was announced, I decided to start a new game in PlayStation 5, for some reason that I can’t remember right now. What I am going is to Bayonet ta is a safe place for me; It is a game with which I have managed to have a familiarity that is difficult for me to imagine with others. It is something that I can not get out of my head every time I play Bayonet ta 2, less extended than the original but over time also held as one of the most forceful action games of his time-a time, we must recognize it, in the that the type of pure action game that Bayonet ta represents is not as common as it was in its day; I like Bayonet ta 2 when it looks like the first one, which in any case always ends up returning because in the background there is nothing-more bayonet ta_ than bayonet ta. It is understood?

After playing a little to Bayonet ta 3 , let me be optimistic: the best thing about this expected third installment is that he does not want to be more bayonet ta that bayonet ta, which is impossible, but more bayonets_, in plural; More games, others, something different, which translates into a feast of ideas as difficult to process as stimulating for those who, as we said before, have been with the witch of Umbra in tow.

To do this, Platinum resorts to the increasingly Manila (and here in the most basic way possible) Multiverse resource to put Bayonet ta to travel different places and times while facing homunculus; I would not know where they want to get with this new story, although I have suspicions, but I can confirm that I have enjoyed all the kinematics, incorrigibly anachronistic and hyperbolic. Bayonet ta buying bread; Bayonet ta breaking into an elegant cocktail on a cruise and improvising a gala suit with the cloth arrangements that hang from a wall; Bayonet ta gracefully collecting the weapons that Rodin, from his food truck of Penmen Pizza, launches hidden in cardboard boxes. There are winks to the first game in the entire introduction (that baseball ball!), But above all you see the same chaotic energy that was so shocking in the first years of Platinum; Bible to continue seeing her in the best studio projects.

But above all I recognize that I am going to give me pleasure to skip the kinematics when, at the time of truth, play each chapter again in search of pure platinum medals: Bayonet ta 3, in the end, it goes from that. In combat, it is where the new ideas with the bases that the original established in its day are most violent. The fundamental thing is the usual: the balance between precision and spectacularly is fantastic, with a list of very wide combos and tools of all kinds so that the attacks flow and feel that you have total control over what is happening even when the balance does not Lean in your favor. It is played as Bayonet ta; It shows that you are playing Bayonet ta when you play this third installation pair of chapters completely eliminate it.

There are changes, and some are drastic. The weapons set, for example, have gone; Now instead of choosing a weapon for the hands and another for the feet, you choose one that is automatically placed in both positions, although you can, yes, choose a weapon A and another B among which to change at any time with a blow of button. It is a controversial change for what the set of sets has of iconic in the previous deliveries, but at the moment of truth its effect is less dramatic than what could be expected. The combos of the weapons that I could try are much more defined and the game itself is designed around the idea of using a weapon for everything; Not only during combat, but also when exploring the maps. Each weapon has associated a demon that can be invoked in combat and that becomes your alternative transportation, the equivalent of the panther of the previous deliveries, when you activate the race, and, as far as I have seen, each one has a particularity that opens new ways to explore levels; The spider, which allows you to climb walls and opens the doors to a verticality so far unpublished, is the best example of this.

The demons are also a good example of the type of news that Bayonet ta wants to introduce 3. Beyond the spectacular idea of invoking giant monsters to fight in your place while Bayonet ta dances around them, the truth is that the optimal use of these invocations It is much more strategic and agile. Pressing the left trigger, you make the demon that you have chosen between the three that can be equipped; Once invoked, you can give you the orders that best go. The key is that this process is designed to be parallel to normal combat, not as a substitute: in a short time you are managing large groups of enemies, invoking and giving orders in the shortest possible time to take control of Bayonet ta and fight while the devil does his own.

Far from adding weight and eliminating dynamism, this idea makes fighting more complex; Not necessarily more difficult, but more interesting. Strong enemies appear more frequently and in greater numbers, and soon you discover that learning to manage some while you leave him (or, technically, you order) to your demon that occupies the others is essential for the fighting to be extended More than the account: the time objectives of the verses are very tight again, and for the moment I found it essential to exploit the most powerful skills, such as invocations or the slave (which allows you to close the combos with a powerful invocation; spectacular and essential), to get moderately decent times. The balance is delicate again (going from power implies not reaching the combo score objective; you already know how the thing is going), but the amount of new ideas makes you look for ways to achieve good results is very stimulating.

There will be time to speak more in depth of Bayonet ta; He touches Viola’s turn. This new character has enough peculiarities so that it is difficult to consider only one variation, although partly function just like Bayonet ta. The changes are considerable, yes: you have a sorcerer time, yes, but to activate it you must block an attack at the exact moment; Your demon, Cheshire, can also be invoked, but his use is less varied and more tactical. In general, Viola’s fight has a more technical and strict, more demanding point, which contrasts a lot with the enormous presence of Bayonet ta; The blows of her are faster and forces you to put yourself in more often risk situations; Its elusive is almost equally generous as Bayonet ta, but its utility is smaller, you want less to resort to it: with viola you have to do parry yes or yes, and learn with it a new timing to add to the color palette of the colors of the colors of the play.

I feel that I leave many things in the inkwell, but I also believe that I need more time to process what was played and understand how it fits in the major context of the bayonettaverso. It is a game, yes, much cooler and more casual than I expected; More explosive, more crazy and more creative than in recent years seeing Platinum doing a bit of everything, and little perfect, they could encourage anticipate. Bayonet ta 3 is the most Platinum, the one that maintains the luster eternally; That in which the pedigree of its top responsible is seen, but also the one that is not afraid to experiment and try different things and, why not! Also sometimes crazy.