World of tanks

In the World of Tank

War gaming will hold the 40th anniversary event of the birth of G. I and Joe Series in World of Tanks on the 14th.


The I. Jojo Series has been a new experience for decades since the action figures were released in 1982. In the World of Tanks, it will be based on the retro collection of the producer HASBRO.

Through this, you can hire G.I. It’s character cover girl and Baroness as World of Tanks, and C.A.T. You can see the 3D style. Wolverine can be applied to the SRV S1 tank and C.A.T. to the M54 tank.

In addition, there is also a theme event where you can exchange code to obtain decals to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the group, or to obtain a discount coupon. In addition, it will showcase the prototypes of the cobra C.A.T tank design.

For more information, please visit the official website of the World of Tanks.