How to configure a personalized game in Overwatch 2

They want to know How to configure a personalized game in Overwatch 2? Well, don’t worry because we cover you in this guide that explains this characteristic of the game. In addition, we will analyze each customization option to help you understand the design process of Overwatch 2 parties.

Personalized games explained in Overwatch 2

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To configure a personalized game in Overwatch 2, players must follow these steps:

Select ‘play’ on the menu. *
Choose ‘Personalized Games’.
Press the designated button to ‘create game’.

Once you have arrived at the ‘Create game’ menu, you can customize this event to your liking by selecting ‘Configuration’. Players can also name the game in the first section of the menu (on the left side), where they can decide who is allowed in this game by choosing all, only friends and only guests. Then, you can adjust the configuration of the team inviting other players to the game or adding enemies of AI.

Now that we have established these characteristics of the Personalized Games of Overwatch 2, we review the Menu Configuration:


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The game presets tab allows players to select several categories that will determine the general performance of this game. For example, you can choose standard rounds, such as assault, competitive and escort, with limited functions for each player. However, if you want to create a unique game mode, you can explore Arcade teams, such as 3V3 Elimination, Bounty Hunter, Total Mayhem and many more.

Currently, the workshop function is still under development, so players must wait until the update is published. In addition, those who are not familiar with a particular game mode can consult the right box to get a description of each option.


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To customize the configuration, such as the map rotation, the maximum number of team players and the preference of the data center, players must select the Lobby tab in the personalized games’ menu. From there, you can decide if you want to limit the game to the users of the console or pause the round when a player disconnects.

With the maps’ configuration in Overwatch 2, you can activate or disable objects and reference points to completely customize the area. For example, in Capture The Flag, users can decide if they want to activate the Nepal’s sanctuary, the Liang garden and the city center Oasis.


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While they are on the Modes tab, players can choose a variety of game options, which include Team Deathwatch, Push and Capture The Flag. Fortunately, there are no restrictions on the amount of selections you choose, and you can even select the slot ‘all’ to access the entire collection. In addition, each mode has its own set of customization configurations, in which players can design the duration of the game, competitive rules and other sections.



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When you select the heroes tab in the personalized Games of Overwatch 2, you can see two options: all individual heroes and heroes. Players who do not have preference in the characters can choose ‘general’ or ‘heroes list’ for a standard cast of the cast. You can also adjust each member with individual heroes customizing their configuration. In particular, players can customize the skills, combat modifiers and Kirk’s weapons once they choose their name in the heroes’ configuration.

That is all you need to know about How to configure a personalized game in 2 Overwatch. Before going, you can explore additional content about the game looking at the relevant links below or seeing the latest news about the elimination of Blizzard of the controversial login requirement.

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