STEAM version Chaos; Head Noah Released Re – decision, released on October 8. In the original version without correction

Spike Chen Soft announced on October 7 that the release of Steam version Chaos; Head Noah has been decided. The release date will be October 8, 2022, as originally planned.

Chaos; head noah is an adventure game created by 5pb. (Currently Mages.). Introduced a new element in Chaos; Head released in 2008, and was released in 2009 for the Xbox 360 in 2009 as the first of the scientific adventure series developed by the company. It has been transplanted to many models, and recently the Nintendo Switch version was released in Japan in February this year. The overseas Nintendo Switch version and the Steam version include English support for the first time.

The STEAM version of this work was originally scheduled to be distributed on October 8, but will be canceled overseas on October 1 (announced on October 3 for Japan). The reason for this was the presence of Steam’s guidelines. And today, the release of the Steam version, which had been canceled, was reissued. Spike Consort reveals his comments from his Valve, which runs Steam, in order to re-determine the release of this work:

The Valve Content Review Team will approve the sale in the original state without correction as a result of re-verification of CHAOS; HEAD NOAH, which recently decided the reject. We will review the issues of the examination process in Chaos; Head Noah and work hard to prevent this in the future.

In response to the discontinuation of the STEAM version of Chaos; Head Noah, domestic and overseas fans have developed protest online signature activities. At the same time as the online signature, there was also a call to directly petition to Valve President GABE NEWELL (related article). Newell has published an email address and is known to occasionally reply to fans. The re-decision may be due to the discovery of a problem in the examination process in response to such activities. At the time of re-release, Spike Chen Soft reports that fans who were waiting for the release of the work continued to speak without giving up.

[Update 2022/10/07 10:58]
Added comments of Spike Chen Soft in the release re-release

Chaos; Head Noah Steam version will be released on October 8. It is on sale for console and mobile, including domestic nintendo switch.