Call of duty

PlayStation head travels to European Union to talk about the purchase of Microsoft

For months ago, PlayStation has been noted for being totally against the purchase of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft , especially for the loss of some games like Call of Duty . And this has reached such an extent, that CEO of the company has manifested itself at the headquarters of the European Union to express its total concern.

According to sources of Deal reporter , the CEO of Sony interactive Entertainment personally visited the EU headquarters on September 8 to express the concerns of the rival of the rival of the rival of the Console on the proposed agreement of $68.7 billion. For its part, it is also said that Google expressed its concerns to the regulators of the EU , according to the same sources.

For weeks, it has been revealed that even Microsoft has released an agreement to PlayStation , which implies having the Call of Duty franchise for its consoles within three more years. That means, that they would be Modern Warfare 2 , an additional game, plus the three that were in that contract that apparently Sony is not willing to accept.

In news related to PlayStation . It is commented that a remastering for PS5 of Horizon Zero Dawn would currently be developing, having a treatment similar to The Last of Us . The most curious thing is that it would have additions that can attract attention to the players. If you want to learn more about this news, we invite you to the following link.