Registration reveals the future of Gears of War

The Gears of War series is currently in pause. After the success that was the fifth numerical delivery, The Coalition has begun to work on multiple projects. Although one of these will be gears 6 in Unreal Engine 5, it seems that there are still a couple of years before seeing this title in our hands. Therefore, a new record would indicate that the franchise could return within suddenly, but not the way you expect it.

Recently, a record was found on the USPTO site in the United States, where Gears of War is mentioned. However, we do not find any trace of the sixth install

In this way, it seems that Xbox and The Coalition are doing everything possible to expand to the Gears of War franchise beyond the interactive games we already know. It is important to mention that At the moment there is no official information about a board game starring Marcus Felix , and the records are not a guarantee that something will happen.

However, Considering that several reports indicate that gears 6 will reach the market between 2024 and 2025 , it does not sound crazy to think that we see some trace of this series in other entertainment media. In related issues, it seems that the development of the new delivery has already leaked. Similarly, this is seen Gears of War 3 on PlayStation 3.