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The 60th anniversary of the Bond saga is enriched with a compilation of its main songs


Our love for The Bond saga is more than declared. You can check it in the extensive article that we dedicate to agent 007 on the occion of the premiere of the lt film starring Daniel Craig. There we talk about its paper origin and review each of the 25 deliveries . We also talk about the strong structure that the saga h, where the psychedelic credits and the song that accompanies them have an outstanding place.

From Dr. No A Without time to die, a song for each story

The songs of the saga of Agent 007 are written for the occion. In them, the composer of the soundtrack allies with an artist chosen to find the chorus that includes the title of the film in question. That for many years it w John Barry The official composer h made the entire franchise have its seal beyond its departure. Among the invited stars , which bend these sound designs, we have no less than Paul McCartney with Wings (the Guns N ‘Roses versioned decades later his live and let die), Duran Duran, Billie Ellis, Madonna, Adele, Nancy Sinatra, Garbage, Tina Turner, A-HA, Gladys Knight, Sheryl Crow, Louis Armstrong, Tom Jones, Chris Cornell or Sheena Eton. Brutal. And magnificent many, many of the resulting songs.

Thus, it is to be celebrated that a compilation in 12-inch double vinyl (maximum elegance in the chosen format) come to swell the 60 anniversary of the series. Thus, we claim and share here one of the best songs of the Bond saga… which is not canonical and therefore does not appear in the pack. And no, we are not talking about the Never Say Never Again of Land Hall of that movie that faced two bonds in the billboard: Sean Connery and (the officer then) Roger Moore. We refer to The Look of Love, composed of Burt Zachariah and sung by Dusty Springfield , belonging to that crazy version of Bond that w the Cino Royale of 1967.

Beautiful melody, truth, with that voice of Dusty Springfield that seems to whisper in the ear. We said goodbye to mention that Daniel Craig’s tremendous fare England **.