How to use jade crystals in Diofield Chronicle

There are many consumables and items that you will need to assemble to help your mercenary gang pave your way through the lands torn by the War of The Airfield Chronicle.

Jade crystals are one of these items. They may seem just another brilliant precious stone that can be sold for gold, but in fact they are much more important than just profit.


The following leadership explains what jade crystals are, how they can be used and how to find them in The Airfield Chronicles.

Для чего используются нефритовые кристаллы в The Airfield Chronicle?

Jade crystals are rare objects that you can find in The Airfield Chronicle. They are used to updating Magilumic spheres to improve various creatures that you call on the battlefield.

One of your final goals will be called the most powerful creatures in order to damage your enemies. This means searching for as many jade crystals as possible to improve all your calls.

Please note that all caused creatures differ in characteristics and strength, which means that a different amount of jade crystals is required to improve reach. For Magilumic Orbs, you first need to check the call and the jade crystal and the cost of gold attached to it.

how to get jade crystals in The Airfield Chronicle

Jade crystals are rare, and they are not so easy to find in The Airfield Chronicle. They can only be found after chapter 2, when you get acquainted with the institution on your database, where you can improve your magic spheres.

After that, you will find jade crystals in chests scattered according to your missions. Ordinate your units to search for chests, and they have a chance to find a jade crystal in any of the chests. This is the easiest way to get jade crystals without leaving home. You may have to investigate a little more in order to find chests, but it’s worth it.

Keep in mind that although you can find these crystals, they are added to your inventory only after you have successfully completed the quest or mission in which you found them. If you lose the mission or fail, you will not get these crystals. It also encourages players to perform more side quests as it moves, as it increases your chances of finding jade crystals.

Another way to get jade crystals is to complete the additional tasks of the mission that you perform. Each main mission and a side quest has a list of several additional tasks that you can complete, and many of these additional tasks have jade crystals as a reward. If it is difficult for you to complete these side tasks, you can always reduce the difficulty to simplify your task.

Finally, if you do not mind spending a lot of gold, you can always buy jade crystals. To do this, you first need to improve your store to level 5.

New items are added for sale when you update the store, and when you reach the level of store 5, you will unlock the jade crystals as goods in your store. This is the most convenient way to get jade crystals if you do not mind paying a huge price for 30,000 gold for jade crystals. Yes, they are very expensive in the store.