Maniac Manor (Oldie): Programmer provides information on the upcoming return of the standard

Craig Derrick, among the developers of Lucasfilm Games, provides information on Twitter that a return of Maniac Manor could be imminent.

In the training course of a tweet, Derrick thanked for all the favorable comments with which the programmers for Go back to Ape Island have been showered in the past few days. That’s not all: at the end of the thanks, he let through that the timeless from 1987 was still wandering around in his head more than existing.


Maniac Manor: I am ready when it is time to go back to the villa

With these words, Derrick concludes his tweet and also followers of Maniac Mansion ever since that he can really suggest the first title released by Lucas films himself. Because one, players had to address various problems while they made their method with the villa of the imaginary Edison household.

While the twit alone may not seem purposeful sufficient, there are in fact further indications for Derrick, which show a rebirth of the point-and-click experience. It was just in August that the Go Back To Ape Island developer commented on the social media platform in a comparable kind:

Below, as well, he created confidently and in uppercase that he had to go back to the villa. At that time he complemented his words by a trailer that was released for the EGA-optimized variation of Maniac Manor in 1989. We will probably discover in more detail whether this will take place in the coming weeks. As constantly, we notify you initially, must hypothesize happen.

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