Monheon, Near, Warriors, etc.

Serial discounts Steam will also hold a new discount this time. It is a ‘fighting action game festival’ where you can meet various action games.


On the 19th, Valve held the “ Fighting Action Game Festival ” on the official website. This time, it is a name that uses various weapons to perform gorgeous actions. Steam staff uses melee weapons for the Night Action Game, and explained that the RPG elements are included and a very fast battle based on a third-person point of view. There are various action games such as Nuclei & Slash and Warriors.

If you look at the main discount games, you can buy the Devil May Cry series, which is the essence of stylish action, as well as 20%to 67%discounts from God of War, Monster Hunter Rise, and Near Series. It also includes shooting games such as the Earth Defense Force 5, and up to 75% discount on the Warriors and One Piece Pirate Warriors. Domestic games include Soul Walker, Skull: The Hero Slayer.

The event will be held for one week until the 26th. For more information on discounts, please visit the Steam official website.